Transformational Prayer – Feb 25 – Journey of Leadership Daily Devotion

Don’t be moved by the things you see. Be moved by what God says He will do and stand on it until it becomes a reality.

God is not looking for weak leaders in our generation. He is looking out for spiritually strong leaders who may not have titles but carries power with God.

God is passionately looking out for leaders who can bring transformation into their families, communities, organizations, churches and nations through the power of prayer.

Nothing Transforms Like Prayer

To an extent we are not willing to give God rest until He fulfils His promise in our generation is the extent we are going to see the transformation that our hearts long for. 

Those who experience the transformation which prayer brings engages the Word of God on their kneels until there arise a little cloud out of the sea, like a man’s hand. They are men and women who are only through until they are sure they have prayed through.

Lord! Give Us Prayer Burden for Our Generation

My prayer is that God will raise new breed of radical, rugged, dogged, steadfast, persevering, committed and unwavering praying men and women from all over our campuses, government houses, communities, churches and many unexpected places, who will receive fresh fire and great burdens in their bones for the revival of the people (1 Kings 18:42).

Transformation comes with the spirit of Judgment

It’s important I mention this before we end today’s devotion that praying for transformation can only be effective after we have allowed the spirit of judgment to do its proper work (Isaiah 4:4). 

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Elijah never prayed for transformation until false prophets and their gods have been judged (1 Kings 18:40). 

Whether in a personal life or corporate, the spirit of judgment must slay falsehood before God will cause us to hear the new sound of abundance of rain. To seek the latter without dealing properly with the former is going to bring a disappointed expectation.

Pray for the spirit of judgment upon falsehood in this  nation!

“Transformation follows after the spirit of judgment!”

“And he repaired the altar of the Lord that was broken down…Then the fire of the Lord fell…” (1 Kings 18:30,38).

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