Every change we desire outside must first happen inside us. Until we experience change inside us it may be difficult to experience it outside. There’s no change we desire that will not happen within us first before we begin to see the effect outside.
The moment of change is always critical. It is a time when the old must give birth to the new. Without change there cannot be progress.
        In as much we desire triumphant living – we must desire change. Let me quickly say upfront what my focus will be in this chapter – it is how you will experience the best you desire in life by working out change internally.
The most important thing you need to enjoy God’s best for your life is change. And that change must be worked out within you until the results are seen outside.
Get Ready for Change
I really want you to get ready for positive change. Something is about to happen in your life that will bring transformation. There are some things I will address here that you must work upon. You will discover that once change has taken place inside you, it won’t be long before you will experience change around you.
God so much wants the best for every one of us in life – but we have a role to play in allowing this to be. The extent to which each of us will enjoy God’s best in life will be determined by the extent we have allowed Him to work in our heart.
The more we are transformed within, the easier for us to experience the best of God.
Many of the things that make people miserable and defeated in life had already affected their minds. There’s a saying that life is not so much about what happen to us than the way we respond to it.
How you respond to challenges of life will have to do with the state of your mind. This is why my focus here is internal change that will produce external change in every aspect of your life.
I want to focus on the mind you must have to experience the change you desire. But before we can achieve this, the first thing you must do is to accept your need for change.
Accept Your Need for Change
Harold Wilson once said, “He who rejects change is the architect of decay. The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery.” There’s nothing that can be achieved at this point of your life if you don’t accept you need a change.
Change Starts With Your Mind
Change must begin within you first before it manifests around you. And where it starts is your mind.
I’ll like to discuss with you the importance and power of your mind. It is very crucial that you understand the kind of mind you must have to enjoy the best life you desire. If your mind is healthy, there’s every tendency that you will triumph over your circumstances no matter how strong they may be. Although, having a healthy mind does not excuse anyone from going through difficulties in life. But it will make you have a right perspective of your challenges. 
And with right perspectives of your difficulties notwithstanding, you are already aligning yourself with the power of God which guarantees positive change.