Why You Deserved to be Honoured where You Work


R.M Ballantyne once said, “To part is the lot of all mankind. The world is a scene of constant leave-taking, and the hands that grasp in cordial greeting today, are doomed ere long to unite for the the last time, when the quivering lips pronounce the word – ‘Farewell.” We can’t always remain in a place forever, most important when it has to do with working in an organization. There will always be a time when we have to leave either to another department or leaving the organization completely. The truth is clear as stated by Ballantyne, to part is the lot of mankind.

But when it is time to part, to leave the people we have been working with and move on with life, what guarantees whether we will be celebrated and honoured? I have discovered that not every one who left an organization gets honour from the organization. Some people are celebrated when they are leaving and some are ignored or to be celebrated casually. It is important to know why organizations celebrate an outgoing staff. What makes an organization to consider celebrating an outgoing staff as something deserved and worthy.

1. The Position Held

Position held in an organization actually makes an organization to honour an outgoing staff. Although that may not necessarily mean the staff deserves such honour. But sometimes the kind of position held may be the only reason why the person will be honoured.

2. Time Input

The time investment an outgoing staff has put into an organization is another consideration for celebrating such staff. Just as it is commonly said, “Time is life.” When someone has put a reasonable amount of time into a work, definitely such staff needs to be honoured.

3. Impact made on the Organization

Position is good. Time input is unquantifiable. But more important is the impact an outgoing staff has made on the organization. Impact is the main reason an organization will ever consider an outgoing staff worthy of honour. No one can deny results. They speak for themselves. When someone has made a positive impact over a period of time in a place, one of the rewards that will be given is honour.

Nothing generates mutual fulfillment between an outgoing staff and the organization like the impact recorded over time. Are you making impact in your place of work? You must not depend on your position and the time input to find fulfillment that brings honour in return. You must go for impact. Let your position and time investment be justified by the positive impact you have made on your organization. Your personal fulfillment is guaranteed. To learn more about how to get fulfillment in life, here is a post on How to be a blessing to your World: 5 Questions you must Answer

Now let’s discuss how your impact will be measured.

  • Your Personal Development

Impact that will determine your honour will be measured by the development that has taken place in your life between the time you joined the organization and the time you are leaving. You must make your personal development something you are committed to wherever you are now, no matter the position.

  • Your Character Development

Impact is measured by character development. If character development fails, impact fails. You are going to be honoured wherever you are based on your character and spiritual development. You must have testimonies of character strength among other things. Remember the popular saying, “When character is lost, all is lost.” Simply put, if you are going to lose something, never lose your character.

  • Your Team Development

The value you have added to your team – mate will go a long way to determine your impact wherever you work. How much value are you adding to people in your circle of relationships, your colleagues, and people that are close to you?

  • Your Subordinates Development

To measure your impact where you have worked, we need to check how you have helped your subordinates to grow. Were you able to reproduce yourself in others? How many people will thank God for the privilege to serve under you? I think the greatest way to measure our impact comes when someone among people we have led can confidently say, “If not for so and so person in this organization, I would never have become who I am today.”

  • Your Organization Development

When you worked on your personal development, character development, team development, and subordinates development, you have successfully worked on the organization development. Sure! You are fulfilled. The organization is blessed. Then you will be rewarded, honoured, and celebrated.