“…God in heaven appoints each man’s work. My work is to prepare the way for that man so that everyone will go to him… I am here to prepare the way for him – that is all” John 3:27-28 TLB.
           Victor E. Frankl once gave a profound statement that, “Everyone has his own specific vocation or mission in life; everyone must carry out a concrete assignment that demands fulfillment. Therein he cannot be replaced, nor can his life be reapeted, thus everyone’s task is unique as his specific opportunity to implement it.”
              This statement is rooted in the truth that, God creates everyone for a specific purpose and assignment. When this assignment or mission in life is understood and successfully carried out, then, God’s purpose for creating the person is fulfilled. In other words, failure in that God given assignment automatically results in failure of God’s purpose for creating such person. Our God given assignment on earth reveals the main reason God created us.

     When you understand what God in heaven appoints as your work which you need to do while you exist here on earth, and you do it as expected – God’s purpose for your life becomes obvious to those who watch you carry out the assignment. There is a need to understand your God given assignment on earth if you want to achieve great things with your life. You must recognize that the same way God did not create identical individual, so He made everyone with different purpose and for different assignment.

        I’m always challenged whenever I think about the life of John the Baptist. It’s no doubt that he achieved great things within the short period of his life before he was murdered by Herod the king. His life emphasized the truth that it’s not how long but how well we live that counts for God. Great achievement is not measured by world standard. The measure of great achievement is known by what we do and how faithfull we are to the assignment appointed by God for us on earth.

           It may be little in the sight of man but not with God. In God’s sight you are a great achiever when you faithfully carry out the assignment he gave to you. Whatever work God appoints for you here, you need to accept it; because in your faithfulness to it lies the key to your great achievement in life.
          Now, let’s quickly look at few things that qualifies John the Baptist for great acievement.

     The best understanding anyone can have is to see God as the giver and determinant of the work each person on earth is assigned to do. When people understand this, we will know there’s no one created to be useless. we won’t be satisfied with mere survival until we also know the work God created us to do on earth. All our strives to handle positions outside our God given assignment will stop.  Everyone will be pleased to faithfully and passionately finish his or her own assignment on earth.
      John the Baptist knew God as the giver of each man’s work and this gave him a personal security in his self worth to be satisfied with his own appointed work. Let’s look at the second thing that gave John the Baptist his personal achievement.

          Do you believe one of the major causes of world imbalance today is the fact that many people don’t know why they exist? Some people still believe there is nothing more than to enjoy life as much as you can. Many are seeing their jobs and businesses as the only means to make  more money for self gratifications. They don’t know there’s a specific assignment God wants them to fulfill as a man or woman. They are living without sense of purpose. No wonder the devil takes advantage of many people’s talents, treasures and time. He’s using these three divine endowments meant for God’s purpose to accomplish his own evil purposes. Because they don’t understand their God given assignment, it’s been misused and misapplied in wrong manner. But deep down in the heart of such people, there’s still large vacuum of disastisfaction. They always sense that something is missing in their life. They don’t enjoy full satisfaction that emanates in you when your life is fulfilling the life assignment you were given by God.

       These people don’t get their marriage right, some of them are suffering from drug addiction. Despite all the riches and world fame, they are never satisfied with who they are, because something vital is missing in their life. This is also the reason you don’t need to envy anyone who is prospering in the world standard without Christ. Don’t wish to be like them because devil is really dealing with them in their private lives. They don’t enjoy this inner peace you have when you do God’s will. Because nothing in life except the peace that comes from fulfilling God’s purpose for one’s life can bring satisfaction. Moreover, the beginning of personal achievement that is meaningful is tied to the fruits of satisfaction attached to living God’s purpose for your life. You will find it easy to apply yourself to the work you have only one life to accomplish. Your passion and entire focus will be on it. You won’t bother about the present reward you can get from it; not even people’s opinion about it will matter to you first. The only reason that you have only one chance in a life time to either succeed or fail at your life assignment is enough to make you commit yourself to its fulfillment.

     This is what made  John the Baptist to achieve greatness – he knew his personal assignment. Even, when his disciples wanted to distract him from his assignment and told him about the work Jesus was doing; he refused to give in to their talks. He made them understand that he knew his assignment (see John 3:25-28). If you will also achieve great things with your life, in a way acceptable to God, you must know your assignment – the specific work God has appointed for you to do while you exist (Ephesians 2:10).
  Like I said earlier, you don’t need to envy another person’s work and the exploits the person may be doing. You only need to know your own assignment by giving your life over to Christ and accepting His own life into you; wherein lies your purpose on earth. When you know your God given assignment, then you can commit yourself to fulfilling it, and God ‘ll help you.
    we shall later consider the third winning key that made John the Baptist a great achiever.