Effectiveness in our work life will always have a direct bearing on every other area of life. 

Learning to be effective in work is more than just learning some formulas or looking for steps to follow. It’s more of developing right attitude, unlearning limiting patterns and determination to respond to the demands of discipline it requires.

I have been learning from the ant for more than a decade now. The invaluable growth and leadership lessons this small but significant creature teaches worth than a fortune.

Organizations and individuals who want to remain on the cutting edge will benefit greatly from this effective approach towards work. 

Here’s one of the lessons amongst others from the ant in Proverbs 6:6-8.

Be a Self-starter 

To be effective in your work, generating results and avoiding getting stranded requires a self-starting attitude. 

This attitude is mostly practiced by successful  entrepreneurs who are go-getters, doers, and personal responsibility takers.

It’s about the discipline to do the right thing at the right time. Knowing and understanding the time to sleep or relax and the time to work without overdoing both. 

There are great benefits in developing self starting attitude. It helps in having control of your time instead of becoming a slave of it. 

One of the best ways to have mastery of time is never to allow circumstance dictates how our time is used, except in rare cases when the unexpected happens to us. 

No matter the number of things we are to accomplish per time, we can always get organized and avoid pressures of stress by developing self starting attitude.

Nothing ever gets done by talking about it. Things get done with stress because of procrastination. But the wisdom of effective work is becoming a self starter by taking personal responsibility for the input and output of your work. 

# PrayerBurden
Father, Please, help me to become wiser in handling my work life!

# QuoteForLeaders
“Nothing ever gets done by talking about it.”

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