How High Will You Climb by John MaxwellThe book, How High Will You Climb by John Maxwell is a must read for every leader, especially in a time like this that the missing ingredient in leadership is ATTITUDE.

One major thing that is outstanding about the book is the foundation on which Dr Maxwell laid the issues of attitude. He said, “We have been given a handbook to attitude living – the Bible.

Here are the 20 leadership lessons I learned  from How High Will You Climb.

  1. An individual’s attitude dictate his performance. The attitude of a leader dictates the leader’s performance.
  2.  Attitude is an inward feeling expressed by behaviour. So of all the things a leader wears, his expressions are the most important.
  3. When leaders possess the attitude of love, it results in a touching display of affection.
  4. For some (leaders), attitude presents a difficulty in every opportunity; for others it presents an opportunity in every difficulty.
  5. Some leaders climb with a positive attitude, while others fall with a negative perspective.
  6. We are individually responsible for our view of life.
  7. It is impossible for us to tailor – make all situations to fit our lives perfectly. But it is possible to tailor – make our attitudes to fit.
  8. The most important single ingredient to the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people says Teddy Roosevelt.
  9. When the attitude we possess places others first, and we see people as important, then our perspective will reflect their viewpoint, not ours.
  10. The difference between an obstacle and opportunity is often our attitude towards it.
  11. Most projects fail or succeed before they begin. Why? Attitude.
  12. When God wants to educate a man, He does not send him to the school of graces, but to the school of necessities.
  13. Great leaders emerge when crises occur.
  14. Our surroundings control our soaring.
  15. Others can only stop you temporarily, but you are the only one who can do it permanently.
  16. With the proper attitude, all change, whether positive or negative, will be a learning experience that results in a growing experience.
  17. It is a sad day for any person when he becomes so satisfied with his life, his thoughts, and his deeds that he ceases to be challenged to do greater things in life.
  18. That which holds our attention determines our actions.
  19. What you have not overcome in your past remains to plague you in the present.
  20. Only God can heal what happened yesterday and help you live effectively today.



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