Learn how champions overcome discouragement.

Elizabeth Blackwell, in her dream and pursuit to enter into medical practice, was rejected by 29 medical schools. When she decided to visit the schools in person, she was told she must pretend to be a man, because women were not fit to receive medical schooling.

Elizabeth refused. 

Eventually, she was accepted by divine providence, but many MD’s refused to work with her. In spite of this rejection, she persevered and graduated.

Elizabeth Blackwell was the first woman to receive a medical degree in the U. S (1849). But her story was a rebound from rejections upon rejections. 

She later built a medical practice, created a place where women could have medical internships because many healthcare facilities did not welcome women. She served impoverished families and finally established the first medical college for women. 

Few Lessons to Learn in Overcoming Discouragement 

1.  Overcome Rejections 

Never allow rejections to stop you from pursuing your God-given dreams and vision. 

You have to believe that rejection is part of what will actually test your resolve and tenacity before you can become who you are created to be. 

But when you learn to trust the Lord, you will realize that God will make a great surprise out of your rejection (Matthew  21:42).

2.  Overcome the Temptation to Compromise 

Don’t allow every opinion contrary to what God says about you make you to compromise. Don’t conform because you want to be confirmed.

3. Overcome the Pressure of Abandonment 

You may have to be the only one standing. If this is the price you must pay for your dream, then persevere. People may abandon you but God has promised never to leave or forsake you (Hebrews 13:5).

4.  Overcome the Pressure of Frustration 

Champions always rise above frustrations that comes with their commitment to a worthy cause. The future of the dream you are pursuing is enough motivation for you. 

5.  Overcome the Urge to Quit 

You are a champion when you refuse to quit until you win. Learn to draw from the inner strength of the Spirit inside you. It’s better not to start than to quit, except the journey is not worth it in the first place.

Pray that the Spirit of an Overcomer will be at work in you.

“Don’t conform because you want to be confirmed.”

Revelation 5:5

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