Someone said, “Nothing is more terrible than activity without insight.”

So far, we have considered the anointing for vision, the anointing for proofs and the anointing for conquest. Now, we are going to discuss the anointing for revelation. Purpose fulfillment requires the anointing for revelation.

Revelation is simply the ability to understand what is unknown to others. It is the unveiling of the veiled. It is a granted access to divine secrets. Great men and women operate by divine secrets. Anointing for revelation is the key that unlocks the door to divine secrets. Those who have access to divine secrets can never be limited in life.

When you are operating under the anointing of revelation, you will surely become a wonder to your generation; you will be a direction giver, a problem solver, a leader of leaders and releaser of dreams.

We can learn few things here in the life of a great leader called Daniel about the anointing for revelation. Daniel was a man who rose to prominence in a difficult place and in the midst of difficult people of his time. In fact, the interesting aspect of Daniel’s life was that, just like Joseph, he also rose to prominence in a strange land and in the midst of strange people – the mighty nation of Babylon empires (Daniel 6:1-2).

The outstanding anointing that helped Daniel to fulfill his God-given purpose was revelation. Daniel was a man full of insight in divine mysteries. God gave him what others even the kings could not understand. By this anointing for revelation, Daniel could tell someone his dream if he forgets and also give the interpretation.

Such ability is outstanding and unparalleled.

Daniel’s anointing revealed that you can be trained to develop the skills of interpreting dreams, but it takes anointing for revelation to explain the dreams that the dreamer himself does not remember (Daniel 2:1-49).

“There is a road from the eye to the heart that does not go through the intellect” – G.K Chesterton

Here’s the lesson for every leader that wants to make a difference in this generation. There will always be something that makes a difference between those who operate by the spirit of the world and the Spirit of God.

It is the anointing for revelation.

But this anointing is not without a price tag.

It can’t be accessed cheaply.

It requires the price of Consecration. Daniel purposed in his heart not to defile himself (Daniel 1:8). It takes a purposeful consecration unto The Lord to be qualified for this anointing.

During one of the periods of my personal devotion, God told me that if I want to make a difference for Him in my generation and generations after me, I must not eat what others are eating and must not wear what others are wearing. This is beyond physical food and clothing. It is simply about consecration – in-corruptness and nonconformity to what is generally acceptable.

God was simply teaching me how to be different. I must not be conformed to this world, but I must be transformed by the renewing of my mind that I may be able to PROOF that which is acceptable and perfect will of God for my generation.

The word is: If you are not different among others, you cannot make a difference in their midst.

Be different so that you can make the difference.

Daniel was different in….









& Dedication to The Lord.

I like to announce to you that we have a better covenant than Daniel. We ought not to be lost in the midst of the multitude of our generation. We ought to stand out for God – to be a leader of leaders, to remain relevant, to shut the mouth of human lions of our time, to be a counselor to the kings and presidents of nations.

May be you don’t know that you are anointed for revelation to access divine secrets that will set Jesus on the thrones of organizations, cities, marketplaces, states and nations of the world?

It is time to consecrate your life to God so that the anointing in you can be activated to help you fulfill your God-given purpose.