Fulfillment of personal life and leadership purpose rests on strategic power. Having a strategy and knowing how to properly execute it makes the victors in the military. Without strategic understanding, you can hardly win in life. Let me say, you can hardly fulfill your God-given purpose.

My focus in this article is to deal with anointing for strategy within a shortest space. You must be anointed for strategic decisions if you are going to be what God has called you to be.

Strategy is simply an ACTION PLAN to EXECUTE your VISION.

We have dealt with anointing for vision in this series, you can read it here.

God anoints people especially with plan of action, approach and design needed to accomplish His divine purpose and their life assignment.

Strategy is very important to every believer because life is war. And the Bible says we have been chosen by Christ to be a soldier (2 Timothy 2:4). We are called to be fighters; hence, we must understand the power of strategy. Without divine strategy, we cannot overcome the great challenges of life.

Meanwhile, the anointing for strategy is beyond just human devices. Every devise or strategy that is not from God will be thwarted and fail (Isaiah 8:10). We must not be self independent that we trust so much in man-made strategy.

We should only settle for God inspired strategy if we must fulfill our God-given purpose.

This is an empowerment from God to execute His divine plan in a way that surpasses human understanding and intelligence.

Anointing for strategy is very important. Let me share just few important aspects of this dimension of anointing.

1. Enables Strategic Positioning

Operating under anointing for strategy will always place you in strategic positions needed to accomplish divine plan. In other words, strategic position gives a person, leader, organization or a nation the decisive advantage in a given situation.

In Esther 2:2-22, the story of Esther reveals how anointing for strategy can help in strategic positioning. The Jews were in a strange nation and they needed an advantage to influence policies and laws in their favour. But this could only be made possible if a Jew will rise to the place of power and authority in the land.

By His sovereignty, God made an opportunity opened to the Jews so that Mordecai who trained Esther from childhood quickly positioned her for the queen selection contest. And as God would have it, Esther obtained the kings favour and became a Queen in place of Vashti. This was just a strategic positioning that would later determine the destiny of the Jews at the most critical time.

It was the anointing for strategy at work in Mordecai that enabled him to make this highly supernatural intelligent move. Harnessing such thinking power in such a very complex and difficult place was only made possible through a supernatural mental harmony.

2. Enables  New Battle Plan

Winning in life requires having a new battle plan different from what the oppositions understand. In the military, a new battle plan is a core secret and strength for winning. Anointing for strategy enabled Mordecai and Esther to draw a new battle plan that brought their enemies to the ground. Whether in business or ministry, God can give you a new business plan, a winning strategy that will create a supernatural turn around. We must seek God for this kind of anointing.

3. Enables the Accomplishment of Purpose

When you get your strategy in place, the execution and accomplishment of your life mission or purpose becomes easy. But without a correct strategy, you stand the risk of unrewarding effort. This is the reason we need to operate in the anointing for strategy.

How does it come?

It comes by seeking the interests of The Lord Jesus wherever you are. Also, another important key is Proverbs 3:5-6. When it comes to receiving anointing for strategy, we must learn to trust God with all our hearts and lean not on our own understanding. We must acknowledge Him in all our ways and wait on Him to direct our steps.



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