The demand of the hour is not for the experts in knowledge. It is for the experts in kneeling.

God can do the impossible if He finds those who will press into the unchanging power of prayer.

Jesus proved to us that crisis will always be in the world as long as we are in the world. But the joy in this is that, He has overcome, not just crisis but the world itself.

How then can we be overcomers as Jesus has promised us?

Our strength to overcome is nurtured, developed, activated and resourced by time spent alone with God.

Jesus faced the biggest crisis of all times, but the strength to overcome was released as He devoted Himself to prayer.

We cannot afford to look for strength to overcome the world that has already been put under us outside what Jesus did.

For as He is, so are we in this world. We can only prevail, by the same power He was given to prevail, and that’s prayer.

The litmus test of a leader’s spiritual character, ability and passion is his prayer life.

Great success that we are going to make for God as leaders will not come from our skills, but from our secret place of agonizing in prayer.

Our victory is not about the things we do outside. Victory is gained in the secret place of prayer.

Let us strengthen our secret place. We can’t be stopped in achieving what God has called us to do until we have been stopped in our prayer lives.

The secret of success in a leader’s life is prayer. When there is no failure in our prayer lives, we will lay hold on what Jesus has overcome for us. But don’t forget how He did it. Prayer is the secret.

Failure at prayer can make no success in any endeavour for God!

Your prayer closet is your energy asset.

When we see prayer as the most important aspect of our calling, our priorities, decisions, planning, and actions will be sanctified.

The value a leader places on prayer is what determines the quality of grace that will flow out of his life.

This is how to act like Jesus in crisis.

Let the Holy Spirit make out of you a prayer addict.

You will see more of God’s Power at work as you devote yourself to Him in prayer.

Prayer Burden
Father, heal our ailing and failing prayer lives! Restore, revive and rekindle the flame of prayer in our lives!

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