Don’t be something less than you can be!

Step out in faith.

There is no time than can be best for you to make a difference with your life, except God’s time.

When all we wait for is the time when there will be no crisis, the time when everything is working as planned, then we will end up not becoming all that God want us to be.

I have a rule that guides me over the years and God has used this to teach me some unforgettable lessons about faith in Him.

No matter the situation, the odds against me, lack of resources, support from others or any limitation around; there is always a way to keep moving forward in the purpose of God for my life.

Although, the challenges may reduce speed, cause delay or make results unsatisfactory. But no matter the situation, progress in fulfilling purpose must not stop.

We must not allow crisis, adversities and challenges to shift our focus from pursuing our God-given vision.

If you are going to fuflill purpose, you must act like Jesus in crisis. His approach is something everyone of us must keep to heart in order to achieve our goals no matter the odds.

In a time as this when a leader’s effectiveness is going be put to test, the time it seems we are all beginning again, we must respond with the approach of Jesus.

Here is it.

Avoid trying to accomplish too much or fight battles on too many fronts.

This is one ignored secret of Jesus’ response to fulfillment of purpose.

Focus on what you are enabled to do per time. Make use of the resources available to do what you can do. Refuse the temptation of spreading yourself too thin in order to accomplish what you are not able now.

There is a difference between impossibility and inability. There is nothing impossible with God, but the other side is the ability, enabling and the resources to do it now.

God gives us abilities for the things He wants to do through us at the appropriate time.

Many have misinterpreted what Jesus meant about Greater Works than these you will do. Greater works, not because we are going to be more powerful than Jesus or surpass His exploits.

The greater works because Jesus was limited in His physical movement to accomplish all that He needed but now works in us through His indwelling presence.

Jesus did not struggle to reach the entire world in His three and half years of bodily ministry. He focused on the scope of His present ability. He did what He was enabled to do and waited to move into the wider scope at the appropriate time (See Acts 1:8).

Prayer Burden
Father, We know You supply abilities for every purpose You want to accomplish through our lives. Keep us opened to what matters per time!

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