Clarifying our ‘why’ and focusing on it is the key to success in whatever we do. Nothing seems difficult as it looks after the essence has been clarified.

If we are going to find fulfillment and get the best out of what God has committed to us, it is essential to know who we are and what our ministry or business is all about.

I once read about the first telephone company in the United States called Bell Telephone and how the organization fired one of the staff, Theodore Vail in 1890 when he dared to ask top management, “What is our business?”

It was after a decade when the consequences of the lack of an answer had become apparent that Bell System recalled Theodore Vail.

At this point, they had drifted into into a severe crisis that the government threatened to take over.
This happened because they refused to face the reality of clarifying the essence of their business.

But when Theodore Vail was called back, he gave them an answer they proudly missed a decade earlier.

He told them: “Our business is service, not telephones.”

It was recorded that Vail’s response to help Bell System clarify their essence eventually brought radical innovations in their Telephone’s business policy.

It was infused into every employee training, advertising and other public relations engagement what they represent.

That shift revolutionized their business as they knew who they were and what their business was all about. It is not telephone, our business is service.

I think this generation need the likes of Theodore Vail in the Church, Organizations, Politics and Government.

We need Purpose Reminders like Theodore who will boldly confront us with the same matter, “What is our business?”

Do you see the need to ensure such clarity in your life, family, business or ministry?

Perhaps you have done this, but do you ensure everything about you and your organization revolves around the essence?

Looking into the life and leadership of Jesus, this clarity made Him to stand out and to accomplish His mission gloriously.

Jesus knew why He came (Matthew 1:21). He understood the essence of His mission in a discoverable, describable and deliverable manner.

Jesus never drifted into non-essentials.
Temptations to always drift into non-essentials abound, when we don’t fight to clarify and constantly focus on the essence of what and why of our lives and leadership.

It is essential to know who you are and the clear purpose you stand for!

Prayer Burden
Father, Please give us a more accurate understanding of who we are and help us not to drift from this!

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