If we are going to be leaders in Christ, our business must be the same as Jesus’ – My Father’s business.

In our day-to-day living, one of the temptations we are going to be confronted with is the struggle to dance to the music that people promotes.

There will always be a test in one form or the other to lose our originality and become the clone of others.

In fact, this is the state of so many of us today. We are no longer speaking as the voice but as echoes of another. We see it as something offensive to be different in who and what God has called us to be.

The sense of insecurity that tells us to follow the trend is what we constantly obey. We are afraid of being challenged to be about our Father’s business only.

We still want to do both, just like those we have met ahead of us have yielded themselves to being the sons of Joseph and sons of God at the same time.

Although, there is a time to be called the son of Joseph. But a time comes that we must know our business as leaders and to also make others to recognize it.

What is your business in leadership?

Has it been clearly set before those who follow you in Christ, what you are all about?

Are some people still doubting whether you are about Christ’s mission or other missions?

Is there any conviction about your life, the one thing your life and leadership takes up as a focus?

Does it clearly reveal Christ and Him alone?

In Luke 4:22, we are showed how all bore witness to Jesus and marveled at the gracious words which proceeded out of His mouth. And they said, “Is this not Joseph’s son?”

Let me point to you few things that shows what the business of your life and ministry is all about.

I will mention one point today and discuss others in the next devotion, if the LORD wills.

Convictions of Outsiders about Your Life

Recently, I told some leaders that people may not love you. But when your life commands evidence of Christ, they cannot ignore you.

This is important. Don’t seek to be loved but seek to live a life in Christ that cannot be ignored!

Do you know that our daily lives, especially among those who are close to us, passes a message of conviction about who and what we represent?

That’s why, no matter the crisis or pressures, we must live both in private and public with one single definition of what we stand for.

And I pray, this will be Christ.

Prayer Burden
Father, we ask that You will help us to stand for You in all circumstances without compromising our commitment!

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