In every moment of our lives, we must not just have sense of timing but we must allow this to regulate and determine the course of actions we take.

There is a demand on us as leaders to know when it is appropriate to make a move that will advance our assignment and to know when we ought to wait.

One of the ways to be a leader who can discern the times especially in the time of crisis is the visibility of the happenings in the world.

We must be acutely aware of the happenings in the world and see how any of these relate to our God-given purpose, calling, assignment, ability and passion.

This is how to walk in the day light when you cannot stumble because you can see by the light of the world.

In acting like Jesus in crisis, this is one of the outstanding ways Christ approached His assignment. He was not moved by crisis but sees what looks like crisis as the light of the world that shows the need of His purpose.

Jesus usually seize the moment that others see dangers to carry out His assignment. This occurs because He sees differently.

He knows the difference between walking by day and walking at night. And crisis to Christ is not the night, but night is when there is no need, demand, or purpose for fulfilling God’s purpose.

When we understand this, we will learn to define crisis differently and we will also be able to confidently advance the assignment God has called us into in spite of crisis.

Wherever you can find your purpose, no matter the prevailing barriers, you cannot stumble because that’s your day time.

Failure is only a consequence of purposeless move. Purpose is your guiding light. It is a pointer that you are needed. It is a reminder that you must move to carry out your assignment in order to make your mark.

Purposeful move protects you in crisis.

Even when the disciples were afraid and decided to call the attention of Jesus to the plan of Jews to stone Him, He responded with confidence and assurance that wherever purpose guides, there is no danger of defeat and destruction.

Do you allow God’s purpose to guide you or crisis?

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