Jesus came for the crusade of change.

His single message revolves around one thing.



And change.

The need for change into the unchanging Kingdom full of lasting benefits.

He challenged people to see the new that has arrived, the new Kingdom of Heaven.

He called people to respond to change so that they might experience positive change in their lives.

His call to change is not just for a people but the entire world.

Jesus came to change the world.

He did not advocate for local transformation. The focus is to save the world.

But nothing will happen except there is a change response on the part of the people.

We all have the same assignment like that of Jesus!

The call to change is our single task.

Individual change.
Family change.
Community or Church change.
National change.
International change.
World change.

Our crusade of change like Jesus is also wholistic.

It is basically and ultimately a Kingdom shift.

It is a call to radical transformation of culture.

It is an invitation to the new that will affect the now but ultimately transport the present into the future.

Sometimes ago, Myles Munroe said change transports the present into a future that demands a response.

That’s exactly what Jesus fought for. He demanded for a response on behalf of those who will benefit from the new normal.

This is where crisis lies. The greatest crisis is not a pandemic, loss, political slavery, spiritual apathy, sickness, poverty and many more.

The greatest crisis is non-response to the challenges and opportunities that change brings.

But every time we react negatively to change, it hurts more than what any crisis can do.

The demand of responding to change means we don’t allow the pace of change happening fast on the outside world to be more faster than the change happening inside us.

The change that Jesus brought to us begins from the inside and then works to influence the outside.

In such a time as this, let us labour more as leaders in calling people to change within, so that they can handle, respond, and transform change around.

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