Yesterday, I discussed something very important about our need of others to fulfil our God-given dreams and visions.

But the Lord spoke further to my heart to ensure that I balance what I shared with you.

Please note this truth. We need others, but others need us more. In other words, we need others to fulfil our dreams, but others need us more to fulfil their God-given destiny.

The best way to fulfil any vision or assignment we have received from the Lord is by helping others fulfil theirs. When you are genuinely committed to making the best happen in others, God will use some of them to be committed in making your vision a reality.

Some years ago, the Lord opened my heart to this truth and it has been my ministry philosophy. In Luke 8:1-3, the Holy Spirit showed me the life of Mary Magdalene, one of the women that provided from their substance to Jesus’ ministry.

She was able to become a strong pillar in Christ’s ministry because Jesus added value to her life. Out of her came seven demons that had made her a big asset to the kingdom of Satan.

But when Jesus touched her life and many others, assets changed hands and they became builders of God’s kingdom.

When many Christian leaders start living out this truth, we will begin to see practical transformation taking place everywhere.

It’s high time we stopped using people to accomplish our dreams without a prior commitment and interest in their transformation. 

Christ-like leaders are life developers, not people users. 

Many of what we see especially in the Body of Christ today is promotion of people in the Church for the sake of using them to accomplish our vision. 

If you are a leader that is not concerned about spiritual life and destiny transformation of people under your leadership, but only concerned about how to use them to accomplish your Dream, you are misrepresenting Christ and need to repent.

Adding value to others on behalf of Christ is the best way to fulfil your Dream.

Ask the Lord To make you a value added leader.

“Christ-like leaders are life developers, not people users.”

Matthew 5:13-16

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