Yesterday, I discussed with you about knowing your “Why.” But I want to challenge you further by saying, you must be a person of “Why not.”

People who know their “Why” are leaders but those who are “Why Not” people are visionary leaders. 

Why is about Purpose. Why not is about Vision. It’s about being a person who will refuse to see things as they are but things that can be. 

“Why Not” People have the same Spirit of  God in Genesis 1:1-3.

“Why Not” people don’t see disadvantage. They don’t complain about what is unpleasant. Rather, they are occupied with creating what is pleasant.

If an organization or a ministry has “Why Not” people as staff, they are blessed. When you transfer a “Why Not” leaders to a new place or department, they don’t see things and say why, but dream things that never were and say ‘Why Not.’

George Bernard Shaw said,  “You see things; and you say ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say ‘Why not?'”

Why Not  Leaders are Driven by God’s Dream 

They dream of making great things happen in spite of innumerable setbacks, frustrations and disappointments. No matter how challenging the situation they have found themselves, they don’t get away from God’s creative dreams, and eventually it will come to pass. 

You can never frustrate a “Why Not” person.  What drives them is bigger than whatever happens around them. They are too God loaded to be moved by frustrations around them {1 John 4:4}. 

Start Thinking “Why Not” Thoughts

The spiritual creative realm where we can experience supernatural creations of peace, abundance and transformation we desire is attained when we begin to think “Why Not” thoughts. It’s about a spiritual discipline to focus on the invisible by seeing the picture of the Word forming a reality around you. 

No matter the situation you are in, it can be turned around through the discipline of thinking Scriptures as realities. This is a great secret of Kingdom visionaries.

The Holy Spirit broods over the hearts that will dream God’s dream of asking “Why Not” to bring about supernatural reality of what can be. 

Ask the Holy Spirit to brood over your heart so that you can become an agent of transformation.

“You can increase your creative capacity for impact by thinking “Why Not” thoughts.”

Matthew 5:13-16

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