We all desire to see things changing for better in our lives and around us. It may be a desire to see our work changing for better, our spouse doing well than what we are currently experiencing, our children performing best in their academics and lots more.

It is good to desire positive change around us, but more important is to become the change we wish to see. God does not have any difficulty in changing unpleasant circumstance around us for good. But He’s more concerned about changing our lives. Every positive change we will ever see around us must first take place in us.

Change, if it is to take place in our lives require a right response from us. Change is not cheap. Change is costly. It always come with a price and responsibility on our own part. And like I said, the price for change you wish to see around you is to become the change itself. In other words: You need to change for you to experience the change you desire.

This is where many people always drop the cap. We all desire to see and enjoy the benefits of positive change but only few are always willing to pay the price for change. In case you are among the few willing to become the change you desire to see around you, here are three things you can do.

1. Identify Change Resistant in Your Life. Sometimes it may be certain weakness you need to deal with. But you must first locate that very thing in your life that is resisting change. Lack of confidence, procrastination, slothfulness, emotional baggage like fear, anger and other personal weaknesses are change resistant. You need to be sincere to identify them.

2. Make a Move Towards Personal Change. Once you have identified change resistant in your life, you need to make a personal effort to seek God for change. It is not the time to start hasting change to happen around you. But it is time to deal with those weaknesses. Personal change is key to any form of change you desire around you. Do not ignore resistant to change in your life, make a move to overcome them. Until you move to change your life, your circumstance cannot change.

3. Respond to a New Challenge of Personal Change. The best way to overcome change resistant in you is to respond from the other end. What do I mean? You need to open your heart to virtues that will create right environment for the change you desire to take place. Responding to a new demand of becoming someone who can handle outward change is personal responsibility of developing the capacity to handle inner change. Simply put: when you respond to inner change, outward change is inevitable and it will be sustained.

My advice to you is that you need to respond to a challenge of inner change in your life. When you do this, you will become the change you wish to see around you. And nothing can stop that change from becoming a reality.

So remember how to become the change you desire to see around you…

1. Identify Change Resistant in Your Life

2. Make a Move Towards Personal Change

3. Respond to a New Challenge of Personal Change

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”

– Andy Warhol


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