Image           Sometimes we see great leaders and desire to become one. But the question many of us don’t usually ask is what makes a great leader?

Great leaders are simply ordinary people with maximizing attitude who devote themselves to bringing out the extra in ordinary people around them.

They see beauty in people and help them maximize it. They focus on helping people succeed and achieve great things in life. They don’t despise anyone, but always willing to be a blessing.

They add value to whoever comes in contact with them and take the people they lead from where they are to where God wants them to be.

In this they get their sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in life.

In other words, becoming a maximizer is the key to true greatness.

Jesus is an example of a Maximizer. He said about His Life mission that, “I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of” (see John 10:10MSG).

That’s what it means to be a maximizer leader. It isn’t seeking great things for you (see Jeremiah 45:5). It’s about helping other people to be what God made them to be.

Why not let your focus be on increasing the peace, joy, hope, happiness, health, success, spiritual life, prosperity and well being of other people? Then watch how God will begin to multiply those things in your own life.

Always remember that greatness is not what you become, but what other people have become through your impact in their lives.


Becoming a maximizer leader can be achieved once you act on these seven steps I’ll share with you.

#1. Understand Your Mission in Life.

We are all here on mission. There’s specific assignment God wants you to do on earth.

But when you don’t understand your God-given assignment in life, how will you maximize it.

Maximizers know their mission in life, and make the best of it.

In John 3:30, John the Baptist, a maximizer who knew his assignment said about Jesus that, “He must increase, but I must decrease.”

#2. Have a Vision Larger Than Your Lifetime.

You cannot become a maximizer until your vision is large enough to outlive you.

Maximizers dream big. They see beyond the moment. They create vision with the distant future in mind.

#3. See Potential in Everyone.

I will never forget the word that changed my life when I was still a teenager.

It came from my brother who saw me during school hours wandering around when I supposed to be in the classroom.

Then he called me and said, “Do you know there’s great potential in you? Why can’t you begin to develop it? Stop messing around with your life.”

That word changed my life forever. Because my brother is a maximizer.

I challenge you from now to change how you see people around you. There are great potentials locked in that person you are despising.

If you want to become a maximizer, learn to see people in the light of what they can become, not who they are at present.

#4. Get Rid of Parasitic Mentality.

Don’t be a person who live under and hurt someone else to survive. Don’t be a sucker, but a giver.

You can never be a maximizer remaining a parasite in other people’s lives.

Those with parasitic mentality add no value to anything or anyone in life. Rather, they add burdens.

So to get rid of this mentality, simply shift your mind from someone who takes to someone who gives. Never hide again under the cloak of irresponsibility. Begin to take charge of your life.

#5 Never Leave People the Same Level You Met Them.

Leave people better and improved than how you met them. That makes you a maximizer.

Meanwhile, this can only happen when you begin to understand that God brings people into your life for a Purpose. And the purpose is to make a difference in their lives.

Henceforth, begin to ask God from now what difference He wants you to make in the lives of people around you presently.

#6 Be Self-Secured

You can’t be a maximizer if you have problem with your personal security – self-image, self-esteem and self-expression.

You must be someone who is confident and satisfied with whom God has made you.

You must know your importance to God, His plans for you and how precious you are to Him.

Through this understanding, you will gladly and willingly live a sacrificial life for His glory.

#7 Give People Only What They Need, And Not What They Want.

There’s a difference between “Wants and Needs”.

To become a maximizer, learn to give people what they need.

For example, someone who wants good life without Christ does not know his/her need. He may want good life, but his need is Salvation.

When you meet the need, want will take care of itself.

So, a maximizer is someone who knows the difference between people’s wants and needs, and has understood the right thing to give.

I believe if you will take these instructions to heart, your life will begin to make great difference from now.




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