Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines, but highly required in passing the test of love.

One of the things that is difficult for most of us to bear is the endurance that comes with love.

We all have human tendency to love as long as it cost us nothing. But the hard truth is, true love is costly.

Love is Costly

To really demonstrate love, whether to God, people in our lives or the purpose we are living for, endurance is an unavoidable price.

The four letter words, “Love endures all things” (1 Corinthians 14:7) teaches some life and leadership principles.

It teaches us that to get the best of anything requires endurance that is driven by love.

The quality of love is discovered not by emotion but by endurance.

Nothing assures like what endures. When Ruth wanted to show her mother-in-law how much she was in love with her, it was by enduring all the process of hardships that Naomi went through.

It wasn’t based on some promises of the future that Naomi gave to her. In fact, the level of discouragement that made Orpah to give Naomi a goodby kiss could have drawn Ruth into the same departure if not for the love greater than pressures and the uncertainty of the future.

Ruth so much loved her mother-in-law and her God that she was willing to endure anything to stay put.

Enduring love is scarce in our time.

It is scarce in marriage, ministry and marketplace. But the Lord is calling us back to this virtue. We cannot claim to love what we have not showed the claim of our endurance.

How you love must show by your endurance, even though how you endure does not show how much you love.

Jesus demonstrated His love for the world by what He was willing to endure. He endured the pain of the cross because He loved you and I.

But what have you and I endured for Him? What have we endured in our relationships with others for Christ’s sake.

I believe just like it happened to Abraham, God is willing to commit His entire Self to those who will endure giving up anything, no matter how precious, for the sake of their love for God.

The assurance of God’s provision for our vision is guaranteed when we pass the love-endurance test.

It is in this light that Corrie Ten Boom said, “If God sends us on strong paths, we are provided strong shoes.

Ask God for grace to demonstrate love that endure all things for Him in all areas of life.

“Nothing assures like what endures.”

Matthew 5:13-16

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