Learn to Develop Strong Faith.

Flowing in God’s Power becomes possible as we learn to develop strong faith.

The faith of a leader must be strong.

Weak faith makes a weak leader.

One of the necessities of leading with high altitude is learning to flow in God’s Power. But this only comes as we give total attention to the development of a strong faith.

Whatever God will be carrying out through our lives, we must be fully ready to learn how to operate with strong faith.

Weakness of faith is a great disadvantage to any leader.

Leadership is not meant for the weak in faith. Where there is weakness of faith, there can be no free flow of God’s power.

Just as an unused faith is unuseful, a weak faith is also weightless. It can carry nothing of any substance in God.

For us to bear a great message, manifestation, anointing, power and to bring transformation that our generation is yearning for, we must be strong in the faith of God.

What then is a strong faith that can help us to flow in God’s Power?

This is the faith that reckons not with the flesh. It gives no consideration to the limitations of the flesh.

In fact, it is the kind of faith that is absolutely unaffected by the flesh.

Such faith lives and relate with God from the spirit.

It has no iota of affection or sympathy for the flesh.

This is where strong faith is born.

The moment we stop living and leading from the flesh, giving no consideration to its dictates, influence and demands, we will begin to respond to our limitless capacities in the Spirit.

My heart cry is for God to make this a reality in our lives as leaders.

The greatest barrier to our flowing in God’s Power is the flesh.

The more we give CONSIDERATION to our flesh, the more we will be robbed of God’s Power and the ability to flow in it.

In the matter of your growing relationship and walk with Christ, refuse to give consideration to the demands of your flesh.

Be ruthless with your flesh!

Stop obeying your flesh!

Stop believing in your flesh!

These are unfailing secrets of flowing and walking in the Power of God.

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