Can you stop trying and start trusting?

In the next few days again, the Lord will be dealing with us about what it takes to start flowing in His power.
One of the common temptations many leaders face, is the effort to keep trying in order to make things work.

Somehow, we have this tendency of doing mentality.

Our mindset has been programmed into doing or trying mode.

We love to try than to trust.

But in a recent times, the Lord began to speak to me about how He has made everyone of us to function.

He makes it clear that we are not meant to be people who should be trying to accomplish whatever He has called us to do.

We are meant to flow in the provision of His power already made available for us in Christ.

And come to think of it, trusting is better and more fulfilling than trying to make things happen by ourselves.

One of the startling instructions the Holy Spirit has been moving me to share with the Body of Christ and especially to leaders is incredible.

Here is it.

Those who will start trusting in Jesus absolutely will begin to flow in a greater dimension of His power. The kind of dimension that the world has never seen.

In fact, this will be our normal habitat just like water is a normal habitat for the fish.

In the coming move of the Holy Spirit, there is not going to be stressful means of getting things accomplished for the Lord again.

We will just be flowing in His power.

But God is saying, this will only work for those who will stop trying and start trusting Him completely.

It is time to stop trying to make things work.

We need to switch now to just trusting Jesus with our lives, families, ministries and even our future.

We have tried enough and it has not taken us far as we ought to be in Christ. Now is the time to start trusting.

Every labour, anxiety and shallowness will cease once we stop trying to make things work out for ourselves and our assignments.

Proverbs 16:20 (Message translation) says, “Things work out when you trust in God.”

This is what will begin to happen to you and everything about you.

Things will begin to work out without any stress on your part.

You are going to simply be trusting God and then begin to flow in His Power that makes things work out.

Father, we thank You for inviting and reminding us to trust You. Please help us to start trusting You afresh and more.

“We are meant to flow in the provision of God’s power already made available for us in Christ

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