Flowing in God’s Power: The Beginning of True Faith.

There are two powerful forces that determines whether we are going to flow in God’s power or not.

These two forces are faith and doubt.

The force of faith causes us to flow in God’s power while the force of doubt makes it impossible for us to do so.

As leaders, we can’t afford to yield to the force of doubt. We must be men and women full of faith.

But the matter here is not wether we have faith. It is wether we are using the faith we already have.

Sometimes ago, the Lord confronted me with a serious matter that I have never given a thought to. He said, I have stopped living by faith and the blessings flowing into my life are simply acts of His mercy.

Then, He told me to get back to faith if I don’t want to suffer a shipwreck in my journey with Him.

When the Lord spoke these words to me, it dawned on me that I have been deceiving myself by thinking that I have faith.

But the Holy Spirit corrected me immediately that my problem was not lack of faith. It is the lack of its use.


What the Holy Spirit shared with me opened me up to the very weakness that many of us also have. The weakness of UNUSED FAITH!

Please take note of this.

When faith is not used, the POWER OF GOD remain UNTAPPED.

During his lifetime, Dr T.L. Osborn shared a story of a young man who came to him during one of their crusades in India.

This young man had seen how T.L. Osborn was flowing in God’s power with the manifestations of raw healings, conversions and unsual miracles.

He decided to go on two weeks absolute fasting and prayer to seek God for the kind of anointing operating upon Dr Osborn.

But after the intense fasting, he came crying before T.L. Osborn that he had not seen any manifestation that God has anointed him.

The response of Dr Osborn to him was, “You will never see manifestation until you begin to put what you already have to work.”

This young man then realized that you can’t flow in God’s power until you begin to put your faith to work.

He left and did exactly what he discovered and the power of God began to flow through him.

What about you?

How well are you putting your faith in Christ to work?

Faith, no matter how small or great, must be used in order to experience the release of God’s power.

This is the beginning of true faith in Christ. It must be USED.

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