According to experts, more than one million new titles are being published each year, and most of those are self-published editions. Different authors have written successful books that has made great impact in the life of many people. And you can be one of them.
George Barna said, “This is a moment of great opportunity for anyone who wants to be an author; every day delivers new and seemingly limitless options for those who are willing to let the past go and seize these burgeoning possibilities.”
The opportunity of Internet is also another opening that has made successful books, because no matter where you are in any part of the world you can write a book and get it across to millions of people at the click of a mouse.

Every day, people wants to know more, do more, get more and add more to their existing knowledge. And they are willing to pay more to achieve their goals.
These heightened market opportunities and demands calls for circumventing traditional publishing to exploring self-publishing.
It is a new world full of limitless opportunities and means to write and publish your own book. There’s no doubt that self-publishing has come to stay and it will continue to be.
More so, the fastest growing businesses in the world now are information products.
There’s no doubt that the book publishing is changing quickly. Gone are the days when you have to sweat your blood before you can see a publisher willing to publish your book.

Your dream of success is achievable. Writing a successful book gives tremendous joy and brings you satisfying and sense of fulfillment.
Not only that you will actually get paid for your effort, but you will really discover you have done something worthwhile with your life.

Just imagine if you have everything it takes to write a successful book, will you not be happy to go ahead and become an author – to see your own name in print, have people quote something said by you over and over, solve people’s problems and meet their needs?
Most times, one of the reasons why some people believe they can’t write a successful book is because they think everybody cannot be a writer. That’s why it begins with you. It must be settled within you that you can write a successful book and get it published.
Meanwhile, except you believe personally that you can achieve this; it may be difficult to achieve the aim of this book. This is very essential if you will also be part of authors who have achieved their dreams of writing a successful book. It begins with you. It is an attainable and achievable endeavour. And it becomes possible once you settle it in your mind that you can also write a successful book.
You don’t need to think about your lack of skills, resources, ideas, expertise and the knowledge required now. The secret of writing is to get started, by breaking the complex and overwhelming task of writing into little convenient undertakings. You just need to get going.


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