How deep are your thoughts? Depth in thought determines strength of words. Depth determines strength.

It has been said, “A tree stands strong not by its fruits or branches, but by the depth of its roots.” Likewise, words are as strong as the depth of their roots.

Thoughts are roots of words. When you are deep in thoughts you will be strong in words.

This is very important for leaders. The Bible  says, “Every wise word express deep stream of thoughts (Proverbs 18:4TLB). The deeper your thoughts, the wiser your words.

Go deeper in thoughts – right thinking, get wiser in speaking right words.

“Thoughts are like burning stars, and ideas, they flood, they stretch the universe.” – Criss Jami

There’s a connection between thoughts and words. When deep thinkers speak, it always make the difference. Just like Gianna Perada puts it, “Some things scratch the surface while others strike at your soul.”  Deep thinkers strikes other people’s souls by their words.

In other words, whether in leadership, sales, ministry – wellness in thoughts will always give birth to wisdom of speech.

And to go deeper in thoughts, you have to engage the aspect of your mind that thinks more that the one that feels.




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