If you want to make positive impact on the people you are leading, you must learn to use your tongue wisely.
Leaders who know and use this key achieve more with their people than others who don’t. And that powerful key you need to make people willing to learn from you often is how you use your tongue.
To be a leader who makes knowledge appealing to the people, you must learn to use your tongue to build, approve, correct, rebuke, encourage and empower your people. You must not be a leader who often criticize, devalue, tear down and demoralize them?
But except leaders develop the skill of imparting knowledge that will help their people to grow, they may not be able to achieve the latter which is the organizational growth. And this skill is simply to make knowledge appealing to people. Leaders have the responsibility to create a willing atmosphere of learning for the people.
It takes a wise leader to make knowledge appealing. People ordinarily find it difficult to learn. But a wise leader must creatively and consciously make knowledge attractive and appealing to them.
Leaders impart knowledge. It’s their responsibility. And through knowledge, the people are empowered for more effectiveness, growth and productivity. That’s why it has been said that knowledge grows people, people grow organizations. It is very important that leaders develop the capacity to empower the people with knowledge, thereby empowering the organization for sustainable growth.
I encourage you to be a wise leader today by making knowledge appealing to people around and under you. It will make you a better leader and add value to those you lead. It will give you a leverage to make them willing to learn what you want them to know without forcing them to do so.
The book of Proverbs says, “The tongue of the wise makes knowledge appealing, but the mouth of a fool belches out foolishness.”(See Proverbs 15:2NLT).
Wise leaders use their tongue wisely, but foolish leaders use theirs foolishly. By wisdom a leader will use his tongue to make knowledge appealing, attractive, and comely to the people.

It is very important that leaders develop the capacity to empower the people with knowledge


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