Following the trends in the world political and religious happenings lately,  one cannot but ask, where are the daring leaders? Who are the leaders standing for the truth? Where are the leaders with holy boldness that are willing to stand and declare the counsel of God? Where are the John the Baptists of our time who would not mind to call sin by its original name? Where are the leaders who will respond to the critical mandate of God to bring the lost nations and race back  to the feet of the cross?

Leadership is costly. God-kind of leaders are not silent people in the  midst of perversion and ungodliness. God always raise leaders in critical moments. Leaders are like soldiers. They are prepared for war. But when leaders are not daring for God, they will become a slave of what they are to take captive.

It was Smith Wigglesworth who said, “God wants people on the daring line. But may I also add that God wants leaders on the daring line. The world is in dire need of daring leaders, raised, called, and equipped by God for a time such as this. God is in demand of leaders who are bold, fearless, courageous, audacious, valiant and dauntless in the face of oppositions. Silence is not the best answer when the identity and assignment of a leader is challenged (Matthew 27:11, 12-14).

The destiny of our nations await the manifestations of leaders who are going to be courageous for God.

God helps people through leaders. The deliverance of nations under the siege of bad leaders will only come when good leaders are willing to be daring by standing up for a notable cause. Those who are not willing to die for a just cause are not worthy to be called leaders. If you desire a convenient life, you are likely not a candidate for correct leadership. True leaders trade their personal comfort to buy comfort for the people God has sent them to lead.

Are you a leader? What daring moves are you making to make a difference in your sphere of influence? Jesus, the daring Leader once expressed the importance of generating effect as a leader in John 9:5. He said, “As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.” In other words, I can’t be here and the world will be in darkness and confusion. What a leadership lesson for us as leaders. We should not be here and the world will be groping in darkness. We must take our place.



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