Leaders are needed everywhere. Everything rises and falls on leadership. Without leadership, anarchy ensues. But we don’t just need more leaders in this dispensation. You can read How to Be a Daring Leader (1) here to understand the part two.

The demand of this time isn’t just the raising of more leaders. We have leaders more than enough everywhere. Leadership materials and institutes are springing up everyday. Yet, the question most people are asking is: Who will lead us into our God-given inheritance? Where are the leaders who will accomplish the will of God in our time not minding what the price is?

In my last post, we learnt that when the right people are in the right place, doing the right thing, there will be right results. We need right leaders – daring leaders who will rise up in this new generation to execute the counsel of The Lord.

Myles Munroe once said, “Leadership will either lead you into a ditch or lead you into purpose. We need our leaders, especially those who are teaching our young people to have right message.”

It is my heartfelt prayer that someone that will read this post be stirred up to break the bondage of leadership slavery taking root subtly in our generation. We need a leader like Esther who will respond to divine call to deliver God’s people from economic, political, marital and spiritual impoverishment of this period. In short, we need more Esthers.

For as many who may be willing to bring this revival in our time, I will like to share seven laws that will prepare them to become daring in order to bring transformation needed in the church, our nations and communities. But we will only consider one of the seven laws in this post.


Purpose is powerful. Daring leaders are purposeful. There is nothing special we can do with our life until we have clear understanding of why God has decided to put us where we are today. I always like to tell my co-workers in ministry that when you take God’s purpose out of what we do, whatever we have left is meaningless. Purpose is what adds meaning to life and all we do with it. The first law a leader must exercise to become audacious in getting ready to be a unique leader is clear leadership purpose statement.


Purpose is the fuel of passion. Understanding of purpose can fire up a leader and make him do extraordinary things for The Lord. But when a leader does not understand his purpose, he can’t have a drive. A leader without divine sense of leadership purpose cannot achieve much for God and his people. You cannot make your mark on earth until you have defined your path. To lead in an uncommon way requires that you know why you are being prepared for leadership in a time like this.


We need to thank God for a mentor like Mordecai who helped Esther to define and discover her leadership purpose (Esther 4:14). Prior to this time, the new Queen Esther wanted to avoid and escape the call to daring leadership. Of course, daring leadership is a risky commitment. Having heard the word of her Nephew, she began to state the dangers and consequences of daring leadership. The greatest of all these dangers is death (Vs 10-11). Esther does not want to risk death. But little did Esther know that leadership is a death adventure. If you are not willing to die, you are not qualified to accept the responsibility of leadership. I will discuss more on the issue of death when we get to a level in the series of how to be a daring leader.

But the point is this, something sparked up in Esther that changed the entire course of history as soon as Mordecai unveil her leadership purpose to her. Mordecai challenged Esther to change her thinking (vs 13).  He helped Esther to think purposeful instead of playing it safe. He made Esther to know that God will find another alternative if Esther refuses to execute the purpose for which God brought her to the palace (Esther 4:14a). How I wish our political leaders will learn from Esther that if they refuse to carry out the purpose of God as leaders, God will still cause enlargement and deliverance to arise for their nations. But they and their households will not escape the destruction of God’s judgement.


Do you have a Mordecai in your life? To be a daring leader, you will need someone like Mordecai who is also a daring leader to make you refocus on your leadership purpose (Esther 3:2). It takes a daring leader to raise a new daring leader. You need someone in your life who will not allow you to trade your purpose for pleasure. You need your own Mordecai. It would have been a different ball game for Esther if not for a daring leader who will not allow his protege to rest until the purpose of God is carried out. And when Esther discovered her leadership purpose, she became a daring leader. She became a revivalist. She became a restorer of hope. She stood to get victory for her people. She became a leader never to be forgotten for great impact.