“Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men.” — Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe


A person’s future cannot be greater than his/her dream today.

I want to deal with how to be daring leader in this part five by challenging you to RESIZE your  DREAM.

Dare to Dream Big. It is Big Dream that makes Great Leaders.

Great Leaders have one thing common to them ALL. Big dream.

God desires to do great things through most people. But they limit God by not daring enough to receive the dream, vision and purpose God has for them. They are afraid of God-sized dream. They settle for man-made, designed, crafted, polished and inferior dream that does not have the capacity to elicit their greatness.

“Dream is a tool for SOCIAL and SPIRITUAL transformation that we desire around us.”

Dream is having HOPE and REASON to LIVE.

The greatness of our nations is not determined by POLICIES first of all. But by the QUALITY AND SIZE of our LEADERS’ DREAM.

An unfortunate nation lacks Dream-Driven Leaders. In fact, the poverty of a nation is the bankruptcy of her leader’s dream. The major challenge Nigeria is facing as a nation is not the absence of good leaders, but the insurgency of dreamless leaders.

We need leaders with big dreams capable of inspiring those following, giving hope, and championing change in communities. Like I said, dream is a sharp tool for both social and spiritual transformation of our national landscape.

We need leaders with big dreams of helping the younger generation become their very best in life. The correctness of a leader’s sight determines the rightness of people’s direction.

Meanwhile, in becoming a daring leader who dreams big, there are key qualities that turn big dreams to unbelievable realities.

Quality #1: Passion. Daring leaders are passionate about making a difference by bringing transformation into lives entrusted to them.

Quality #2: Single Focus. Something about daring leaders with big dream is that, everything they do centres on their dream for the people, organization or their nation.

Quality #3: People Development. Leaders who dream big see beauty in others. They are committed to helping people achieve greatness with their God -given talents. They develop skills in others. They inspire others to be the best.

Quality #4: Disciplined. Daring leaders with big dreams have their desires under control. They curb their desires by reminding themselves that the goodies of leadership are not for their self- enrichment but for the betterment of the people they are leading.

Quality #5: Committed. Daring leaders with big dreams give personal attention to what they do. They are serious minded. They show serious responsibility towards achieving a desired result within the time frame.

Quality #6: Action Oriented. Daring leaders who dare to dream big are not just mere talkers. They are step takers. They are full of actions. They always add legs to their faith.

Quality #7: Dare to be Different. Daring leaders with big dreams are not afraid to be alone, unpopular, criticized, and persecuted. Jesus is our perfect example of a daring leader who came to the world with a big dream for humanity. He brought the dream of taking people from slavery to freedom, bondage to liberty, curse to blessing, sin to salvation, alienation to reconciliation, poverty to riches, sickness to health, defeat to victory and from shame to glory.

But He was rejected because of His dream. Yet, Jesus dared to be different. He refused to give in to the intimidation and hostility that surrounded Him. He focused on the Big Dream of winning the lost world back to God. And He did it. He changed the world.

If we are going to be world changers like Christ, we must be ready to have a dream bigger than us. Live our dream by pressing ahead even against all odds. This requires that we are ready to go against the normal flow, the conventional tide. We are ready to dare – to be different.

So, if you want to be a daring leader – Dream Big and Live Your Dream