A Leader’s Greatest Question!

The greatest question every leader must learn to ask is how to carry out a God-given assignment successfully.

Every leader must be bothered about how to do God’s work in God’s way, pattern, desire and to His perfect satisfaction.

This will remain our focus in the series the Holy Spirit is starting with us today.

Leaders are called into one thing. They are called to do the works of God.

Leaders are God’s labourers and co-labourers with Him. This is the highest honour that God has bestowed on leaders.

 But it is also important that we remind ourselves of the most forgotten, ignored and abandoned truth about God’s work that is robbing many of His approval, power and blessing in our time.

Here is the truth:

God does not approve what we do. He approves what we do in a way He asks us to do it.

This is one of the things that gets me fearful about leadership and ministry.

Knowing that God is concerned about the details of what He commits to my hand tells me that REWARDS of my ministry are not going to be based primarily on my RESULTS but on my FAITHFULNESS.

GOD rewards Faithfulness, not Results only.

In other words, the real work of God is primarily and absolutely a life that is committed to God.

Some leaders are committed to the works of God but not the God of the works.

But the first matter the Lord is raising before us in today’s devotion is about our primary and the only responsibility in doing His works.

We must be committed to God if we are going to learn how to correctly do His works.

Someone once said, “A life totally committed to God has nothing to fear, nothing to lose, nothing to regret.” 

During a particular difficult season of my life in ministry, I ran to my Discipler and told him about my battles.

After I finished lamenting, he said I should come to the table and eat first. 

What has meal got to do with this was the thought in my heart.

But after the meal, he called me outside and said, “Ben, if men wants to take office away from you, allow them. But this one thing you must not allow. 

Don’t allow anything to TAKE GOD AWAY FROM YOU.

This was the first time I realized what ministry is.

Ministry is Having God and God alone!

That’s the beginning of knowing how to do God’s work!

Happy new month.


Father! Make us satisfied with You alone!

#QuoteForLeaders 🔥🏹🔥

“Ministry is Having God and God alone!”


John 6:28

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