Something is basic about the Work of God that must not be overlooked by those who want to be successful in their callings.

If we can all get this simple truth straight, our approach to ministry will change.

Also, our worries, fears, restlessness and pursuits to outdo, outperform or outshine will evaporate.

One of the reasons we have been labouring by the flesh and for the flesh is because of this basic understanding that is missing in the Body of Christ.

When this is understood and our ministry to God flows from it; we will not only be successful here on earth but will be successful on the day that God will test all our works for Him.

This basic truth we must get correctly about how to do God’s work is that, *the real work of God is not work. It is a relationship.

God wants relationship!

He is not looking for workers who are sons. He’s looking for sons who carry out His works.

God wants to delight Himself in you! I mean having you as a beloved son or daughter is the first thing God delights in.

A challenge common to all of us is that we always want to earn the love of God or the love of people by what we do.

But God continues to show us that we don’t earn His love by what we do but by who He is.

Jesus made this clear when He said we didn’t choose Him but He chose us.

We were chosen when we didn’t even know our left from right. He told Jeremiah that he was ordained from the womb of his mother as a prophet unto the nations (Jeremiah 1:4-5).

In other words, none of us worked our way to be chosen by God. We are all products of His Grace.

In fact, I usually love to remind leaders who feel limited and incapacitated to rest in this one important truth about God’s sovereignty in choosing us as His vessels.

No matter how incapable you feel or the odds that seems to be all against you in ministry, you will surely succeed because God knew you before He chose you.

Don’t be intimidated by the magnitude of the works of ministry. Rather, be concerned about how you will stay in love, fellowship and deepen your relationship with the Lord.

When God’s work flows from a relationship with Him, it will never weary nor ruin us.

Ministry is glorious, profitable, fruitful and wonderful when it flows from a relationship with Jesus than a mere official duty for Him.


Father! Please, Teach us the Power of Relational Ministry.


“This basic truth we must get correctly about how to do God’s work is that, the real work of God is not work. It is a relationship!”


John 6:28

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