Dreams are fulfilled day by day.

Sometimes, looking at the size of a vision makes us scared.

Of course, if you have a dream that never makes you scared, what you have is fantasy. True dreams and visions are terribly scary.

I usually say to the leaders in Purpose Reminder Christian Mission that each time I look at our vision, it gets me scared and drives me always to my knees to beg God for His mercy.

But there is something so vital to learn from the Scriptures about the lives of people who fulfilled dreams that looks impossible in their times. How did they fulfill such great dreams despite the barriers, oppositions, difficulties and various disheartening challenges they confronted?

Learn to Walk with God 

Maintaining an unbroken fellowship with God is the primary secret of those who fulfilled impossible dreams. 

The most important challenge we will ever have with God is how to maintain a life of absolute dependence, reliance, trust and obedience in our relationship with Him. 

We must never pursue dreams at the expense of our relationship with God. That’s the pathway to an unfulfilled, and frustrated end. 

Learn to make God the foremost priority in your life and you are on your way to fulfilling impossible visions. 

My heart bleeds whenever I see how some people in ministry are just busy doing ministry while they themselves have lost God. 

It is sad when the only thing we are left with in the Church today is the Form of godliness, while the power that generate and bring the reality of godliness is no longer there. 

The description of the present day believers is that we are People and Leaders full of everything but void of God! 

Dear beloved friend, have you lost the reality and practicality of God’s presence in your life and the only thing you are left with is just the empty title, office, shouts, meetings and activities that lacks heavenly approval and signature?

You must not settle down in such situation if you want to fulfil your God-given dreams. It takes an ever growing healthy relationship with God to fulfil any God-given dream.

Ask the Lord for restoration in any way your relationship with God has become a mere transaction.

It takes an ever growing healthy relationship with God to fulfil any God-given dream.

Matthew 5:13-16

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