Maximizing Divine Opportunities in Life

“Be Wise…Make the Most of Every Opportunity” – Colossians 4:5NIV

Everyone who will see or hear about you each day of year 2016 will praise God on your behalf. They will celebrate the goodness of God in your life because each day will bring divine opportunities to you in Jesus name.

But it is unfortunate that many people waste divine opportunities God brings their way because they lack the understanding of how to maximize them. That’s why it is important you understand how to maximize divine opportunities the Lord will bring your way in the year 2016 in order for you to experience the great plans He has for you.

I like to share ten ways you can maximize divine opportunities this year.


There are wrong and right locations, both spiritually and physically. There are locations where divine opportunities can reach you and there are locations where they can elude you. Many have missed divine opportunities in life because they are wrongly located – wrong mindset, attitude, character, choices, relationship, associations, and many more deprives them from connecting. If you will connect with divine opportunities and maximize them this Year, you must be in a right location where they can reach you (Luke 18:35).


More often than not, opportunities, including divine opportunities always come in disguise. They normally appear as nothing but ordinary noise. They don’t usually appear as expected. Sometimes they appear in form of fire, troubles and challenges. And that’s why only those who pay attention to details connects with opportunities. Those who can pay attention to what is inside the noise will always get a message out of it but those who don’t will certainly miss them. I encourage you to pay attention to details in the year 2016. Don’t just have the escape mindset to every challenge. Try to always listen to hear beyond the noise. Learn to Listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit (Luke 18:36).


As the saying, “Information is the first step in the cure of deformation.” Those who are informed have better platform of decision making than those who don’t.  When we inquire into whatever we desire to know, it opens us up to the understanding of it. Therefore, you must desire to become inquisitive more than ever before in the year 2016. Be an inquirer.

   Life delivers nothing to those who inquires nothing from it.

We live presently in a world where only those who are accurately informed have what it takes to win. In this year, don’t just say you want to know about a thing, take immediate step to inquire about it. Inquire for information about that business you want to start. Inquire about that admission from the school you desire to study. Get yourself informed about the assignment God is committing to your hands.

Do you want to get married? Then go ahead and meet wedding planners to inquire about the details.

Ask the right people the right question and you will have the right answer to make a right decision.

Don’t just sit down and think about what you desire – inquire for better information that will help. Divine opportunities connect with those who know how to inquire for divine information (Luke 18:36).


You don’t need everybody to connect with divine opportunities in LIFE. You only need someone. And the one you need is Jesus Christ.

He’s the giver of opportunities.

He’s the substance of needs.

He’s the transformer of destinies.

He’s the changer of stories and testimonies.

He’s the beginning of every new beginning.

He’s the doer of good and the giver of mercy.

Without Him, life is nothing but frustration.


He’s the Life. Without Him there’s no Life and without Life there’s no Living. He’s the reason for our living, and the connector of divine opportunities that can make YOUR LIFE meaningful.

I have discovered that many people miss life time opportunities when they fail to recognize who they need in their life. And that’s why I have to let you know who you need to experience the best IN LIFE. Perhaps, you are yet to recognize Him as the Lord and Saviour of your life, or have a good relationship with Him, here’s the best opportunity for you to connect with Him.

You really really need Him in your life. He’s the One you need to access divine opportunities. He’s passing by now through this article you are reading, and won’t you ask Him to have mercy on you?  (Please see Luke 18:37-38).

I like to stop now, and continue from here later.

I pray that God will begin new things in your life. He will open a new chapter for you. This will be for you a year of signs and wonders. You will move higher and experience the best of God. Divine Opportunities will locate you EVERYDAY of this year and you will rejoice all through in Jesus name.


Scriptural Insight: Luke 18:35-43

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Paul Sunday Osakwe · February 4, 2016 at 10:47 pm

Pastor I enjoyed this exposition. Am worshipping with Deeper Faith Christian Assembly

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