Have you heard this saying before? “Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something.”

This reminds me of an unpleasant experience I had as a teenager. I was confronted with a need to correct a friend who needed counsel to change her negative attitude. I remember after speaking to her, she responded that my words simply describes a person with the “brain of a fish.” To her, that means I have not spoken wisely.

How do you speak that people cannot but love to listen and make your words the source of wisdom for personal change and transformation.

As leaders, we are dealers of words. Our business is word business. How far we go will be determined by how powerful, meaningful, important, true and wise our words are.

God wants our words as leaders to be source of wisdom to others. When we speak, people must grow wiser as they listen to us.

According to Proverbs 18:4GNB,

“A person’s words can be a source of wisdom, deep as the ocean, fresh as flowing stream.”

So, how can you make your words the source of wisdom that others love to hear every time?

Speak Deep Words. Your words must be deep as the ocean. There must be depth in your word. I recommend that you read yesterday’s post on how deep do you think? You will understand how to make your words deep. When you make your words reproducible, you are speaking deep words.

As much as you speak with clarity, using simple words, your words must be packed full of insights. Speak in such a way that others will draw to their satisfaction. Then, you become a speaker others love to listen to his words.

Speak Fresh Words. Your words must be fresh as flowing stream. To achieve this, you have to develop an insatiable hunger for fresh revelation and new knowledge. You must always fill your thoughts will meditations. You must be a tireless reader. Freshness of words require paying its price if you are going to possess what it takes.

Speak Memorable Words. There are certain ways to make our words memorable. Speak less than you know. Speak timeless words. Speak compassionately. Speak boldly, clearly and pictorially. Someone has said, “Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it.” Memorable words are like that. They have generational and transformational effect.

The bottom line is: words are important, highly valuable and powerful. Therefore, seek every opportunity to make the best use of them.



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