Few days ago, my wife and I began to take a more deeper look into our experiences since we followed the will of the Lord into the ministry we are in presently.

We looked back with gratitude to God, not regrets.

In the course of our retrospect, we discovered that we have faced diverse challenges, just like anyone who has taken a big risk.

But something we cannot deny is how unexplainably we have been helped by the Lord in the midst of all challenges.

We discovered again and again what David was trying to talk about when he calls God his very Present Help in times of need.

This statement flowed from a man who had a first hand experience of learning how to trust God in most difficult situations, seasons and valley experiences.

I believe one of the reasons David became a great leader in his lifetime has so much to do with his faith and trust in God who stayed, stood and secured him in the most lonely season of his life.

My wife and I discovered something powerful about trusting the Lord.

You Win Everyday!

I’m not saying you don’t face issues that makes you feel defeated, discouraged and sometimes disconnected from your best.

Most times we have issues we can’t discuss with anyone, no matter how close and caring they are.

But in such moments or days, you still stand strong because the Holy Spirit comes along to supply the needed wisdom, strength, comfort, hope, fire and help that keeps you going.

So, we discovered a lifetime lesson that has given birth to the series I will be sharing with you in the next few days as permitted by the Lord.

Leaders need FAITH EVERY DAY!

It takes EVERY DAY FAITH to stand strong, keep going and to provide leadership to those you have been called to lead.

Leaders need to Walk more by faith every day.

We can win EVERYDAY if we learn to deliberately choose a LIFE OF FAITH.

Challenges will surely come and even increase as we respond to the will of God. But the guarantee is that, Faith Wins All the Time!



This is the journey we are starting today, to see how EVERYDAY FAITH can make a difference in your life and leadership.

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