Jim Rohn once said,  “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” 

One of the habits that keep us going in developing into our full potential in any area of Life is deliberate and conscious dedication to personal improvement. 

But as nice as it may sound, improvement requires a fight. It will never come without a battle against your flesh. 

I have discovered by studying the lives of great leaders that, none of them arrived where they are without a forceful detachment from where they were. 

In other words, great leaders are constant fighters of status quo. They are always in an unending fight with comfort zone.

The truth is, personal improvement is always a battle each of us must keep fighting to fulfill our destiny in life and leadership. 

The only person you must never be satisfied with is yourself. Your lower self. Your unimproved self.

We must never come to a point we don’t see things to improve and change in our personal lives. 

It may always look challenging to undo some thought patterns, beliefs, ideologies, perceptions and limiting attitudes that we have subconsciously made our masters from childhood.

But we have to keep fighting for personal improvement if we are really serious about making big changes that will maximize our potentials and bring the best out of whatever we have committed our lives to. 

We must  be willing to Improve on our Minds.

Mind improvement will always be important in our commitment to personal improvement. In fact, the battle for improvement largely takes place in  our minds.  

George Bernard Shaw said, “Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” 

It is to the extent we are committed to renewing our Minds that we can find our lives, relationships, and assignments changing positively.

We must be strong. We must be courageous in the fight for personal improvement everyday.

Ask for Grace to remain persistent in your commitment to personal improvement.

“The only person you must never be satisfied with is yourself. Your lower self. Your unimproved self.”

Matthew 5:13-16

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