There is one outstanding secret common to people who live Impactful lives and organizations that make impact to maximize profits. It is the power of “why. ” They all know their “why.”

They don’t just do anything without identifying the key purpose behind it. That’s what knowing your “why” is all about.

Be driven by the Consciousness of Your Why

One of the reasons many things are done without seeing their positive powerful effects is because those who do them are not driven by the consciousness of the “why.” 

Whatever we do without keeping purpose in view will lack expected impact or lose effects overtime.

If you are part of any movement, group,  organization, family or ministry, you must be clear about why you are there if your being there will have any beneficial impact.

Sometimes, the reason some people’s absence cannot be felt whenever they are not around where they work or live is because the “why” of their presence has never been noted and functional in the first place.

The same applies to organizations. What drives organizational impact is not the product but the “why” behind what they offer. Great organizations always focus on the effects their products have on people and connect with them based on this.

Why is key in Leadership Effectiveness

Also for leaders, knowing why is a key responsibility of effective leadership. A leader must refuse to be moved by impulse but by purpose at all times.

Our decisions, budgets and attention should only be given to things that focuses on why we have been raised and called to lead. 

Whether for an individual, group or an organization, when “why” is clear and correct, the “what and how” will lead to Impactful results.

Ask for Grace to be Clear on Divine “Why” in everything you do.

“When your “Why” is wrong, your “How” is negative.

Matthew 5:13-16

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