Leadership must be on purpose just like every other aspect of life. When the “Ship” of a “Leader” sails without establishing  clear and definite purpose, it heads for a ‘Leader-shipwreck’.

In dealing with Leader – Ship on Purpose here, I like to take a dimension off the norm…something you can quickly expect me to discuss.


The year is still very fresh. This post, just as I desire will help you to take some giant leaps  that will turn around your leadership experience.

Now, let’s look at how your ‘Lead -er -Ship’ can be on purpose this year.


It is often convenient to live in the ideal. But true leaders face their own reality. A leader who faces his reality respond to situation. He will not allow himself ruled by what happens in his life.

He leads on Purpose. He never makes himself a victim of circumstance. While some negative leaders blame their circumstances, excuse their failures and shortcomings, great leaders take charge.

They avoid idealized world. They choose to face the reality and do something to help themselves and the people.

Leader – Ship on Purpose requires the ability to face your own reality. It demands you don’t live in the fantasies of other people’s world. It demands a life long commitment to purpose that drives you.

Leader – Ship on Purpose will not let either the present or the past dictate the future. When you are leading on purpose, you choose right response to problems.

You face the reality so that you can fulfill your Leader – Ship assignment. You control your ‘Lead – Ship’ for your purposes until you land your people in safe harbour.

You will accept full responsibility for whatever it will cost to be a good and winning leader.

You also know how important it is to spend time with people you are leading. Although you have many loads of work on you, but since you are in charge, it is important to keep building relationship that will enhance the healthy movement of your ‘ship’

As a leader on Purpose that faces reality, you’ll go extra-mile to make the best use of your time. Doing what adds value to your life and your people.

You don’t make decisions rashly without first pondering on the effects your decisions have on others. You live by true priorities which determines the standard of your life.

It is very important to understand in ‘Leader – Ship’ that except you face the reality, it is impossible to define your destination.

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