True change starts from the top and goes down. Then it flows, it reaches out and is maintained and is established(Zachariah Tanee Fomum).

It is like precious oil poured on the head,running down on the beard,running down on Aaron’s beard,down on the collar of his robe (Psalm 133:2).

When change begins from the head and flows down, there’s change. When it begins from down, it is a revolution.

Change is better than revolution. And leaders have this sole responsibility to make change happen wherever they are. God wants leaders to be change agents. He wants leaders to initiate the change they want in their nations, organizations and families through their own lives.

Change is a leadership challenge. Change challenge is one of the reasons leadership development is important in a time like this. Leaders who wants to be change agents must not be rigid with change.

We are presently in a time now that nations are being misled because of wrong leaders. There’s has been no time in history that the urgency of raising leaders as change agents is important than now.

There’s a cry for leaders as change agents in almost every place in the world. Leaders need to embrace and become the change they desire to see. Change does not happen by talk, it takes action through an exemplary leadership style.

To understand the series, I like you to read Leaders as Change Agents (1). Click here to read.


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