Leaders Need to Get Control of their Lives 

We are beginning another new series as the Lord has moved my heart to respond to the new dealings He has for us.

If there is anything that produce many casualties, it is spiritual leadership. 

Whenever a leader emerges for God, it is warfare in nature. Leaders are raised for war or raised to sustain a conquered war zone.

Some of us don’t like this reality as leaders, but it’s obvious that our experience day by day is not far from this truth.

That’s why leaders are usually lonely. The battle they face is not always understood by those they have been called to lead for God.

Leaders are Usually Lonely

The reality of leadership at any level is that leaders need help. They need more help than those they have been called to lead. 

When a leader is helped, people are helped.

But when a leader also fail, the people fails.

That’s why God will never have us trivialize the necessity of dealing with the loneliness issue and many matters that makes leaders to become casualties in leadership warfare.

For this purpose we must respond to the provisions which God has made available for us in leading as Overcoming Leaders, not as just the surviving casualties of this warfare.

GOD wants to Help You as a Leader

Sometimes I wonder how I have missed so much provided for me in God because I chose not to realize and respond to all the helps that has been made available for me.

One of the things I discover everyday about  fulfilling my God-given purpose is that, I need not to bother about myself, my battles and the enormous responsibilities.

One thing is needful everyday and that’s my willingness and yieldedness to entrust everything about me into God’s care.

When we realize the way God made us to function, we will not malfunction.

The simple and primary foundation on which we must begin the journey the Lord is starting with us is the indisputable truth of a life that yields and entrust oneself into the Father’s care.

This is the most basic necessity in the life of an Overcoming Leader.


Father! Teach us to learn and practice this essential truth of casting all our cares on You.


“One thing is needful everyday and that’s my willingness and yieldedness to entrust everything about me into God’s care!”


1 Peter 5:7


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