Self leadership is about self control.

In the previous devotion, we discussed becoming a self starter as one of the qualities in becoming effective in our work life.

The second quality we must continue to master is called self-leadership. We have always known leadership as the ability to lead people towards a mutual goal of achieving a result.

But there can be no successful leadership without the quality of self leadership. People who are successful in leading others are those who are successful in leading self. 

Leading people always begin with leading self through personal submission to the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

It has been discovered that the best leaders in an organization are those who emerged as employees with proven quality of work achievement through little or no external supervision.

Be Accountable to Yourself 

Someone once said,  “Leadership is defined by the virtues of one’s behavior.” In other words, developing personal work ethics is what assures providing such for others as a leader.

Self leadership is the ability to work with the sense of personal accountability. In fact, self accountability is self leadership. It’s important to be accountable to someone, but accountability begins with holding yourself accountable. 

People who learns to hold themselves accountable for their actions, words and works before others do so are self leading people. 

Discipline Yourself 

Self leadership is self discipline. This is one of the qualities lacking in many of us today. When we learn to yield ourselves to self discipline, success and effectiveness accompanies our work. 

Developing self discipline to lead self begins with the commitment to bind yourself with doing what is right even when no one tells you or when it is not convenient.

Lead Yourself to Excellent Work

Self leadership is leading yourself to providing an excellent work without being pushed to do so. It is a personal quality we must develop because the day comes we will all give account to God about our work. 

Father, help me to respond to the demands of personal responsibility over my life! 

“Self leadership is the ability to work with the sense of personal accountability.”

Matthew 5:13-16

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