The best life you can live is a life that is positively and purposefully impactful on others.

In the next few days, I will be sharing about the dynamics of an Impactful living. There a lot of people who seems to have forgotten their life purpose, goal and what should be their consuming passion.

Life according to God’s original design requires a constant reminder that we exist for impact. And whether we believe it or not, something called impact is being generated by our lives everyday.

Every attitude produces impact.

Every statement uttered makes impact. 

Every interaction with a spouse, family members or other people impact them.

Every article, journal or book that someone writes generate impact.

Every time someone stand up to lead, there will be a type of impact.

Impact happens all the time and it is too important to be left to chance. There is no person who is not making any impact on earth. The big issue is, there are countless who are making the wrong kind of impact.

The Power of impact can improve or worsen anything. So many things are not working according to God’s desire because of wrong kind of impact bearing upon them. 

With right kind of impact,

Marriages and homes will be full of love, joy and fulfillment.

Organizations will be thriving on purpose, values, team spirit, and attainment of corporate vision.

Churches will be advancing the kingdom of God, making more disciples, destroying the works of the devil over people’s lives and turning the world over to Jesus. 

Your life is beyond you. It is meant to make and keep making the right kind of impact for Jesus right where you are planted.

Do not get settled with a small life. 

Jesus wants to touch lives around you with more of His love and compassion. He wants to impact our generation through you. 

Ask the Lord To Help you make and continue to make the right kind of impact for Him with your life. 

“It is very rare that cheap decisions will make great impact” ~ J. H

Matthew 5:13-16

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