Make Your Life Worth Living – January 25 – Leadership Devotional

We can never find God with our natural senses!

That’s the realm God does not live. He is a Spirit and those who will connect, walk, find and flow in Hìm must be as He is.

One of the greatest errors of our time among believers is what we have settled with. We have been so comfortable with whom God has not made us.

We seek, labour and passionately pursue fulfilment outside the boundary that God has placed us.

We have an enemy that is drawing away our attention from the true source of life to that very tree whose fruit kills rather than make life worth living.

As a follower and reader of this Devotional, I know there is something about you that is yearning and longing for life beyond the ordinary.

You can’t be committed to reading this kind of quarry site words if you don’t want to see your life becoming exactly who God created you to be.

That’s why I have been entrusted with this assignment by the Lord to bring you into the very experience that will bring out God’s best in you.

My challenge to you now is, you must be desperate to make your life worth living.

This desperation is beyond the mundane pursuit of having more money, using latest cars, seeking fame and every success the world offers.

I’m calling you to a desperation to make your life worth living for Christ.

This is the desperation you need!

Life that counts is not in the count of its years but what the years count for!

Let your life count for what the life of Christ counted for.


But the firm foundation of a life worth living is Living Daily by Faith in Christ.

This is the life of the Spirit. It is life that daily adhere, rely and completely trust in Jesus.

That’s the way to make your life worth living. It must be a life lived daily by faith and submission to the will of God.

Such life will surely and constantly bring Glory to Christ.

I have chosen this life and resolved to lead others into commitment to the same path.

This life was also chosen by Paul as he mentioned in Galatians 2:20.

It was one of the greatest choices that made apostle Paul a leader whose life became an example of a life worth living.

May this be your testimony also.

Father, help us to make our life worth living for Your Greater Glory!

“The firm foundation of a life worth living is Living Daily by Faith in Christ.”

Galatians 2:20

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