God wants us to be strong believers who walk in His light always. And to fully walk in the light of Christ, we need to abide in the anointing.

The power of anointing was demonstrated upon a man in John 9:5-11. It could be seen that anointing always bring transformation.

The man was born blind and he had been begging until Jesus anointed the eyes. But as soon as he was anointed, his transformation happened.

Jesus was anointed with Holy Ghost and power to do good and deliver those who have been oppressed of the devil (Luke 4:18, Acts 10:38).

Example of this good work of God was performed in the life of this man.

As you read this, Jesus the Anointed will touch you and His anointing will bring transformation into every required aspect of your life.

What are the operations of Anointing?

1. Anointing brings recovery (Luke 4:18)

One of the things that Jesus was anointed to do is the recovering of sight to the blind.

This man born blind got the recovery of his sight, both physically and spiritually.

We must always be conscious of this. The power of anointing can restore whatever missing or lacking in our lives, physically and spiritually.

By the power of anointing, there shall be restoration and recovery over your life in the name of Jesus.

2. Anointing removes burden (John 9:8, Isaiah 10:27)

The man had been sitting, begging and confused, but anointing lifted the burden from his life.

Just like this man, people are bearing different kinds of burden in the world – burden of sickness, oppression, depression, slavery.

But there is power in the anointing to remove burdens.

This power shall be evident in your life henceforth in the name of Jesus.

Whatever evil burden you are bearing shall be removed in the name of Jesus.

3. Anointing destroys yoke (Isaiah 10:27)

This man was carrying the yoke of darkness but the power of anointing destroyed the yoke.

Yoke of blindness was destroyed and he was able to see clearly.

4. Anointing gives a change of identity (1Samuel 16:13)

No distorted identity can withstand the power of anointing.

God transforms identity by the anointing of His Spirit.

The identity of this man was changed from that of a blind man to the man who can see and declare the wonders of God.

Anointing transformed David from a weak ordinary shepherd to an anointed prophet, king and warrior.

It was anointing that removes human weakness from David and gave him strength for a supernatural life.

Weakness disappeared from his life by the operation of anointing.

Saul also experienced a change of identity through the power of anointing (1Samuel 10:6).

The anointing has power to take away sickness that distorts identity (James 5:14).

Anointing can take away physical sickness, emotional sickness and sickness of any kind.

By the power of anointing, weakness will give way for strength in your life in the name of Jesus.

5. Anointing relocates

There is spiritual relocation power in the anointing.

Those who experience the anointing of the Spirit are always empowered to move into their God ordained position in life.

They will be relocated from the place of limitation to an unlimited realm of living. This is what the anointing can do.

When the anointing came upon David, he was relocated from the wilderness of life to arena of unlimited living of His life.

The man born blind received a relocation by the anointing.

He moved from a sitting beggar to a new location of living wonder of God’s transformation.

From now, anointing will relocate you from limited living to unlimited living in the name of Jesus.

6. Anointing brings insight (1John 2:27)

True sight begins with correct insight.

The man had been stranded and he does not know what to do until the anointing came upon him and gave him insight.

Anointing can teach you how to solve any problem.

We can be taught all things by the anointing. He teaches us so that we will be able to operate in light.

How to constantly experience operations of Anointing

For the anointing to operate in our lives, we must abide in it.

We must settle in it and allow it to settle in our lives.

When we refuse to abide in the anointing, we will be abiding in weakness, limitation, deformation and darkness.

God wants us to be strong believers who walk in His light always.

This takes place by abiding in the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

When we learn to abide in the anointing, we are empowered to walk in the light that darkness can’t overpower.

So, let’s continue to live in Jesus and have our being in Him because without Him we can do nothing.

To abide in anointing, we must constantly respond to the directives of the Holy Spirit in everything we do.

Holy Spirit is given so that He will teach us all things, guide us in all things and perfect our ways and work.

As we constantly abide in Jesus and follow the instructions of His Spirit, we will always experience the transformation that anointing brings.

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