If God will find desperate people who are willing to engage their burning passion rightly, He will do something about our land.

True Change Lingers until Desperate People Arise

Sometimes when I have to pray with a group of people whose prayers seems to be void of desperation, I usually challenge them to become desperate if they don’t want to pray in vain

Desperate People have Deep Hunger

Whenever we talk about spiritual desperation, especially in the place of prayer; it’s not about how loud we can shout when we pray. It’s about the depth of our hunger for God.

“Desperate Prayer is more of a Heart Shout than Mouth Shout!”

We can be making so much noise through our mouths while nothing is moving or driving our hearts towards God.

I love it when people pray loudly. But I have been seeing so many shouts lately which merely excites and arouse emotions without a longing of the heart.

Prayer that bring Results

God wants us to be desperate people. These people are movers of the hand of God. They are people who pray and have results with God.

I want to encourage you about prayer. There is no power on earth like the power of prayer. It’s by prayer that God works His spiritual wonders in this world. Whenever God finds a praying people, the people have also found a powerful God.

Desperate Praying is the Sign of God’s Great Leaders

Leaders who turn things around for God in their families, communities, and nations are those who can really prevail in the place of prayer. They are practically desperate to see the desires of God established around them.

How practically desperate are you in the place of prayer?

Join us to pray for the peace of God in the coming Saturday election in Nigeria

“Be practically desperate by taking right actions.”


“And he repaired the altar of the Lord that was broken down…Then the fire of the Lord fell…” (1 Kings 18:30,38).

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