Purpose: A Chance to Change the World

When Jesus said we are the lights and seasonings of the world, He refers to believers who have understood their purpose and place on the earth.

I wonder what this world would have become without the presence of Believers who are fulfilling their assignments as the salt and light.

That’s why it is still important to keep reminding every believer of the power of purposeful living.

Whatever that looks terrible or woeful around a believer is an assignment for such a believer or another believer.

One of the things that burdens my heart about the present day Church is this very aspect that is seriously lacking in the body of Christ.

Many believers are simply Church goers who are ignorant of what it really means to be a believer in a godless world.

This challenge is a major leadership vacuum among Christian leaders.

Becoming a believer in Christ is not an induction or indoctrination into a denomination.

It is a full baptism into becoming a representative of God the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit on the earth.

Jesus did not come to start a denomination. He came to carry out the Purpose of God in saving the world.

We must return to the original mandate that Jesus gave to us before His ascension. The mandate of making disciples of nations for Jesus.

Leaders are not called to make disciples of themselves or their denominations.

They have been called to make disciples for Jesus with spiritual and social sense of purpose, expanding God’s kingdom.

This labour is what brings glory to Christ on the earth.

When believers are functioning as salts and lights on the earth, we will be found doing the Master’s will by the time He returns.

The world is in a mess today. The entire world is in darkness and the only hope of the world is Christ manifesting in every believer.

Is Christ manifesting Himself in You to Your world?

Let’s be honest with this assignment. We must know and take up our purpose as believers.

Leaders should labour more in making Christ to manifest in the lives of those that God has committed to their care.

It is time to start DEVELOPING PEOPLE, to fulfil the PURPOSE of CHRIST in this End-time.

This is the purpose of the Church.

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