Work reveals worth. 

Your work is an extension of you. Where your work is found is where your worth is defined. That’s why it is important for us never to take our work for granted.

No matter how silent it appears, what matters about our work is its quality. We must decide that we will give our best to our work.

Whatever the Lord has revealed to us about our life’s purpose does not deserve a secondary commitment.

When I began to reflect on the life and maximized destiny of my mother, I realized what Jesus said in John 4:32 is highly important to anyone who will not live short of divine purpose.

When Jesus said, “I have food to eat of which you do not know,” what He was saying in essence is that “My worth is more than hunger for the normal cravings of common people.”

“My worth is found in My hunger towards the accomplishment, fulfilment and completion of the work for which I was sent to the world. 

“There is  something that satisfies my longings and it is about putting My totality in what satisfies the interest of My Father and to finish His assignment for My Life.

The truth is, this kind of unapologetic response to one’s life assignment is uncommon in our days.

“Food to eat of which you do not know” means an uncommon appetite, cravings and hunger. 

This is one of the reasons the ministry of Jesus was absolutely amazing and outstanding. The hunger that drives Him was unparalleled and unusual in His time. 

The same thing happened to the disciples after they were baptized by the Holy Spirit. Their driven hunger and appetite changed. 

They became world changers because their worth was fully put into their work. They were no longer people who worked to survive, make money, get promoted or become famous.

It was about their uncommon hunger for the Lord which eventually revealed their worth through their work. 

# PrayerBurden
Father, help me to give an unwavering commitment to your work in my life. 

# QuoteForLeaders
“Whatever the Lord has revealed to us about our life’s purpose does not deserve a secondary commitment.”

# ScriptureSpeak
Matthew 5:13-16

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