Falling down sometimes may be unavoidable in life. But staying down is wrong. “God-loyal people don’t stay down long; soon they are up on their feet…” (Proverbs 24:16 MSG).

Despite all that devil did to Jesus – crucified and slain Him with the mind that He would be dead forever, it only took Him three days, He was back to life. Though they succeeded in pulling Him down to fulfill the prophecy written concerning Him, yet He never remained down. He rose up with a greater power and authority.

“The authority that God has given you over Satan is ample, wide-ranging, thorough, all embracing”

-Pedro Okoro

Resurrection is simply – The Rising from the dead and restoration to life.  I personally refer to it as “The revitalized return after a brutalized knock down.” Devil thought he had knocked Jesus down forever, little did he know that, it was a brutalized knock down for revitalized and reinvigorated return that will knock him out forever. Devil knocked Jesus down in Crucifixion, but Jesus knocked him out in resurrection.

Never Allow Problems to Knock You Off

I don’t know what you are going through. You may have been knocked down – pulled down, razed, battered and clouted by problems of life. May be your relationship is going through a knock down and it seems you have been defeated. Your work and ministry may be experiencing serious knock down now and you are perplexed.

Any battle for victory, power, and deliverance – from ourselves and from sin – which is not based constantly upon the gazing and the beholding of the Lord Jesus, with the heart and life lifted up to Him, is doomed to failure.

– Alan Redpath

Be encouraged. Don’t think you are already a failure. You have only been knocked down, you are not knocked off. Don’t allow the devil to knock you off. Don’t allow him to cause you to give up completely. It’s too early to quit in this battle because it is a won battle for you. How? Jesus had won the battle. He got the victory for you over 2000 years ago.

Fight from Victory not for Victory

In all our struggles in life, we are not fighting for victory, we fight from our victory to possess what belong to us in Christ. You cannot be knocked out by the challenges of life if you fight from this understanding – the understanding that Christ won your victory when he resurrected. He got the victory by knocking the devil off.

It’s Time to Bounce Back

Why do you have to remain down after all that Jesus did to give you victory? You can’t afford to waste the knock-out victory Jesus paid His precious blood to repossess for you . It’s time to bounce back.

I like you to demonstrate your faith in the Resurrection and the Life (John 11:25-26). Use your faith as a shield to quench all the flaming missiles of the wicked one over your life (Ephesians 6:16). Get up and bounce back. Shake yourself from the dust of defeat, self-pity, hopelessness, fear, sickness and arise (Isaiah 52:2).

“God expects you to have the mentality of a conqueror. See yourself as a victor in Christ Jesus, and go about life with a holy swagger!”

– Pedro Okoro

Jesus had already knocked the devil out, so refuse to be knocked out by the battle you are facing. Don’t allow threats from the devil to get you defeated. It’s time for you to bounce back.

What will you do to enforce you victory from now?

“But thanks be to God, He gives us the VICTORY through our Lord JESUS CHRIST”

– 1Corinthians 15:57


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