New realities opens up new opportunities to those who learn to see them.

Whenever there is a shift of any kind, including shifts that comes with difficulties and adversities, they come along with new opportunities for us to fulfill our purpose.

But most times, we see problems than those opportunities that God presents to us in the new realities.

Because there is time for every purpose on the earth, new realities could also be alerting us that a purpose is set for accomplishment.

New reality is the time for specific purposes and assignments. This is why we must respond and not just react.

In every situation, God wants to establish a purpose which has been set in eternity, but needs to be discerned by man.

I see the new realities of the world today as another prophetic time that God’s leaders must respond to a new assignment, task and commission prepared ahead of time for us in this season.

We must not allow our circumstances to blindfold us. God has a purpose for this time, and whatever this means for your calling, ministry or organization, your response is what will bring Glory to God in the new realities the world is facing.

I will discuss five important reasons why discerning purpose this season is crucial to our fulfillment as leaders.

1. Purpose stands the test of time

The constancy of purpose makes it powerful at all times. No matter the pressures, purpose always prevail.

So, when we look for purpose in new realities and pursue it, everything will work out for our good.

2. Purpose is Proactive

Proactiveness is responding to new realities of life or ministry with the sense of decision and responsibility.

It is to believe that we are not people who wait for things to happen to us, but rather to make things happen through the power of the Holy Spirit.

And this is what discerning purpose is all about.

3. Purpose is a Viewpoint

Those who see opportunities to advance the cause of God in new realities uses the discerned purpose as the lens.

Purpose is a viewpoint where opportunities can be clearly captured.

4. Purpose is an Enbaler

We don’t just see opportunities in new realities through the lens of purpose, but it also enable us to fulfill the purpose.

5. Purpose is a Guide

When purpose becomes our viewpoint and enabler, we will have ease of movement in facing the demands of new realities that will help us to make the difference that God is calling us to.

So, the challenge before is to focus more on fulfilling God’s purpose for this hour.

Prayer Burden
Father, Help us to fulfill Your purpose for this time and always.

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