Mind retraining is highly essential whenever we need to respond to new realities of life.

I have witnessed how some people have bounced beyond the realities of challenges that could have made a shipwreck of their lives, families and ministries through the renewing and retraining of their minds.

Most times, the new realities simply means a call to uplift and upgrade our thinking.

This upgrade means our minds are retrained to process life, not just the way circumstances has handed it down to us, but the way God made it to be.

When we understand this important principle, we will learn to respond to new realities without fear, anxieties and worries.

Mind retraining leads to peace that helps us to develop the confidence that can bring out the best in the new realities before us.

Because my calling is basically to help leaders fulfill their purpose, God has been calling my attention to the ongoing battle many leaders are facing, the battle of inner peace.

One of the things I’m learning about how to deal with this battle, which I have been sharing with other leaders is the necessity of developing a deliberate discipline of choosing where to focus their minds.

This is what mind retraining means. Learning to set your mind on the supernatural, the things above the present realities that you can see.

The state of our inner lives per time is a definition of where we choose to focus our minds. If we want to live above the present realities, our minds must be redirected and be retrained to perpetually focus on Christ.

“Be Anxious for Nothing” is a word that came from a leader who retrained his mind to focus on the realities beyond his physical condition.

Paul showed that a leader must concentrate his focus on God. He must quit fellowshiping with negatives but commit only to positives.

He must endeavour to speak words that will build his faith capacity rather than echoing the voice of doubt.

Developing such discipline can’t be achieved by a default. It has to be mastered by learning to retrain the mind constantly through prayer and the word.

Prayer Burden
Father, help our minds to fully stay on You.

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